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Most Popular Trips – Want your meals cooked by a chef, reliable transportation arranged, to be coached by professional kayak instructors, to paddle with new quality kayaks, and kayak Chile’s best rivers? Let Pucon Kayak Hostel do the logistics work while you do the relaxing and playing.

  • Teacups to Pucon (3+ – 4+), November – Our most popular road trip explores the world’s most iconic waterfall wonderland. The Rio Claro alone offers over 70 clean cascades. Now add other northern Chile rivers prior to basing in Pucon during the peak flow season and you have the kayaking experience of a lifetime. Want to join?
    • Recommended for Advanced and fit kayakers.
  • Pucon + San Pedro Overnighter + Rio Fuy (2 – 4), Dec to January – With rivers to the north too dry and southern rivers often too high and cold PKH follows the water and weather to Chile’s peak seasonal flows into the Rivers District. Intermediate to advanced kayakers get more water time and personal coaching with the luxuries of your home base.
    • Recommended for Beginner to Advanced Kayakers.
  • Road to Futa (3 – 4+), Feb to March – Beginner to expert kayakers can now experience the Chile kayak road trip of a life time. We’ve got the instructors, logistics and equipment to coach and lead you on Chile’s most famous river.
    • Recommended for Beginner to Advanced Kayakers.
  • Pucon Adventure Trips – Ask us about day trips and adventures for your family, group, or school. Standup paddle board, raft, ducky, hotsprings, hikes, beginner kayak lessons and more… Email – for your private adventures.
  • Youth Beginner to Intermediate Kayak Camp, Ages 12 to 17. Jan 17 to 22 and Jan 24 to 29. Now, Chilean families have a safe remarkable youth development adventure sport camp.

Location. Location. Location.

Pucon Kayak Hostel nailed it when it comes to location. You’ll have the river next to you for play, excitement and tranquility. Imagine a community of guests without the hassle of an often loud hot town. But you are just a $US1 and 10 minute bus ride from the town center and at PKH you have the luxury of large communal spaces, living next to the river, and being in the heart of Chilean beauty. You are invited to join us for one of our asados, movie night, or an afternoon or morning shuttle to the river or your next adventure.

Above Video – This video shot in and around Pucon show cases Pucón’s variety of adventures. Are you the type that prefers to go explore with the locals the best kept secrets versus being a tourist? We are a group of fun loving goof-offs who prefer to do flips into lagunas than to work a minute in an office.  Ask us about our favorite day hikes, hotsprings, swimming holes, volcanos, rivers, and adventures. You will be glad you did. 

  • Camping at Pucon Kayak Hostel – Campers tired of noisy campgrounds with no facilities are raving about the PKH experience. Camp by the river and have access to our communal kitchen, bath house, tree house showers, and yoga and movie dome. This is as good as camping gets and without the noise and dangers of in-town theft.

PKH Owner David Hughes on Purpose of Meaning

Above – PKH owner David Hughes shares thoughts on “Purpose of Meaning.” We invite you to Pucon and maybe even find out a little about your own purpose.  How does it sound to philosophize about it all after a day of adventures chat about it over a beer or a mate? We’d like to hear your thoughts. 

Non-kayakers are choosing PKH for their Pucón stay?

The original treehouse shower design was to deparate two shower heads with stalls around the two large coigue trees. When Pucon Kayak Hostel owner took the first shower he realized the large open space had to remain.

Guests claim, “That’s the best shower of my life.” You are invited to a warm experience at Pucon Kayak Hostel.

PKH is in the Andes mountains of Southern Chile. Outdoor recreational opportunities are plentiful and PKH offers logistics support for local and regional trips that include mountaineering, hiking, sightseeing, climbing, wine tasting, swimming, and more. Our guests include travel groups and organizations, university study abroad students, couples seeking a romantic escape, solo nomads touring by bike, families looking for a warm place to relax, adventure-seekers from all over the world, and more. We have the expertise, staff, and resources to help you plan almost any adventure – so don’t be afraid to ask us for help. There is truly something for everyone.

One of our most popular activities for non-kayakers interested in water recreation is Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP). PKH offers a full day adventure that includes an afternoon learning how to SUP on a lake before heading over to the local hot springs for the evening. SUP is the most fun you can have on a gorgeous waterway or one of the picturesque lakes that surround Pucon. It’s easy enough for children as young as 5, though we can up the excitement if you think you’re ready. Whether you want to kayak Pucon or have fun on the beaches exploring waterways and lagunas, you’ll enjoy the ease and comfort of service PKH provides.

A Unique Ambiance

Owner David Hughes led international whitewater kayak tours for 15 years seeking the best destinations on the planet.  It was Chile that seemed to have it all – remarkable adventures, the world’s best whitewater, and mountain ranges, oceans and volcanoes. The right balance of culture and wilderness within a safe, stable economy make Chile unique not just in South America, but around the world.

The southern hemisphere stars are out on this February night. Your warmly invited to experience the ambiance of Pucon Kayak Hostel.

So when David discovered a riverside fisherman’s lodge for sale outside the picturesque mountain town of Pucón, he acted fast. And the rest, say they say, is history. David converted the lodge into a hostel for kayakers. Now you can stay at the edge of the river, rent gear, and join the global community of kayakers that congregate at Pucon Kayak Hostel.

While, most hostel owners build more beds to make more profit David had a bigger plan focusing instead on the experience.  The ideal was to create a warm space for guests to hangout, store and dry gear, and function. So, with one of Chile’s finest architects they first designed the quincho.

Quinchos (pictured left) are structures designed specifically for the Chilean asado. Asados are social gatherings typical of the culture sharing select cuts of meat almost always near to a warm fire. The quincho is where you share stories, eat your meals and relax next to the fire with a pisco-sour or vino tinto. Like no other location the quincho brings people together.

The investment of the artistic center piece quincho gives guests a warm inviting ambiance. Guests are attracted to the riverside land, experience and choose to return for the experience.

Kayaking Legend Clay Wright Describes PKH…

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You are invited to the warm hospitality of Pucon Kayak Hostel.

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