Pucon Kayak Hostel invests in the best instructors on the planet to more than teach beginner and intermediate kayaking. PKH owner David Hughes went into education based on his motivations to coach wrestling. Those educational and coaching skills are observable throughout each kayaker’s experience at PKH.

The PKH Instructional Winning Formula Includes:


Pucon Kayak Hostel employs the top professional instructors from the Nantahala Outdoor Center, Pucon’s local Universidad de la Frontera, and Patagonia Study Abroad. Instructors are certified in ACA Level 4 Kayak Instruction, AWFA or WFR, and Swift Water Rescue Tech 3.


As importantly, instructors are trained to offer more than teaching. They are trained to coach. And to be a master coach you really need experience and a mastery knowledge of progressions. Kayakers will be coached on the current skills they need to master to progress. As well, instructors are taught how to illustrate the next progressions so that kayakers can continue their improvements months after they depart Chile.


Accomplishments include coaching international champions, first time waterfall runs, kayakers being thrilled to stick combat rolls in class III, and first timers notching their first runs. But for the most part the instructors really know how to have a good time and get kayakers to relax and enjoy Chile’s wonderful rivers.