Las Leonas

Chile’s Las Leonas Waterfalls for Whitewater Kayakers

The Upper Fuy’s Las Leonas cascades are a kayaker’s paradise. The Fuy from Lago Neltume to Lago Panguipulli is less than 20 KM long. It’s entire length is full of world class whitewater and fishing for all levels. The Upper, Middle and Lower Fuy sections are must trips for any kayaker.

The Upper Fuy offers a variety of cascades on turquoise warm water.

Guests often make a day trip to get their boof on Las Leonas.









Popular Trips

Points of Interest

Running the Upper Rio Fuy is a favorite run for kayakers near to Pucon Chile.

A kayaker runs the second drop just after dropping the 22 footer at the Rio Fuy’s Last Leonas.

  • Beautiful blue warm water.
  • Skill Level:  Great spot to begin waterfall lines.
  • Length:  23, 12, and 16 footers.
  • Hotel Montana Magica based at the Las Leonas trailhead is an architectural marvel.
  • Gradient:  Pool, drop, pool, walk back to pool
  • River Type:  Gorgeous blue warm water
  • Related Rivers:  Upper Fuy, Middle Fuy, Lower Fuy, Rio San Pedro

Description:  Las Leonas cascades are a must run for every kayaker with a roll.  Exploring. Scouting. Hiking up and down the banks checking your landing, your safety and where to shoot photos.  For many running the Upper Fuy or Las Leonas can be the highlight of their Chile kayak adventure.

Best Time of Year:  January to February

Rapids:  Most run the full Upper Fuy run.  But often kayakers who are not solid enough for the upper stretch will choose to park and huck Las Leonas.

Directions to put-in available at Pucon Kayak Hostel.

PKH hostess Emily Meredith and Megan Harpam stationed to get the shot at a high water Leonas.

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Keep Kayaking.

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