Pucón Kayak Retreat & Multisport Adventures wins earnest loyalty and reviews.

First time guests are considering top reasons why?

Appetizers and chef cooked meals by the fire in an architect designed quincho. This place is all about bonding and interactions. 

#1 “You’ve got the best people (click).”

The fire (volcano) & Ice (glacier) hike is a multi-adventure favorite activity.

Guides and hosts enthusiastic to host, entertain, and enjoy the gems of Pucon’s magnificence. We feel blessed to be enjoying the riverside life and ambiance and warmly invite you to pull up a chair next to the fire.

#2 Trancura Riverside Location. Location. Location.

We purchased the riverside Trancura property for Pucon and Chile whitewater kayakers to have river access and a beautiful Chile base. Truth is everyone enjoys the magic of hanging out and sleeping by the river. Whether you come to whitewater kayak Chile trips, adventure, shop, or relax at the retreat you’ll enjoy our backyard.

#3 Designed spaces & activities to relax.

Pucon is such an outdoor adventure anomaly that you must balance relaxing spots with your adventure energy levels.  Hot springs or beaching, wine tasting and cuisine experiences, Spanish lessons, beaching and other relaxing activities are balanced within each trip.

#4 Sleep all night. Suite dreams (click). 

No mosquitos. Keep the French doors open for fresh air and best night of sleep.

Sleeping in a bed with French doors open to a rhythmic whitewater lullaby and breeze. After a day of play you’ll sleep like Grandpa in the impressive riverside geo dome suites. Did we mention no mosquitos?

#5 Play all day… scouted best activities & trips. 

We did the homework for you eliminating the bad and scouting Pucon’s best multisport activities, and Chile’s best whitewater kayak river trips. Heck, with hot springs alone we’ve dipped our toes into at least fifteen… for every good one there are three bad ones.

#6 Reliable equipment and service standards.

Arriving to the comforts of your riverside lodging. Guests want to trust their instructors as much as their equipment. Chiles Best Whitewater Kayak Rental Fleet (click).

#7 Guest valued trip planning tips, payment plans & policies, and travel insurance (click).

The fact you are researching an all-inclusive adventure vacation where the rivers and activities have been scouted and approved indicates you reduce risks. We’ve laid out a few steps that will further guarantee smooth travel.

  • Payment plans & processing
  • Travel tips & insurance
  • Cancellation policy

We value your business and promise to strive to give you the best experience. “We’ll light a fire for you.”