Youth Pucon Kayak Camp

For more information call or email David Hughes: or 98 99 2766.

Youth Kayak Camp in Pucon

Age:  13 to 16

You will learn to do a boat to boat rescue in the lake. Kayaking is both fun and safe.


Skill Level:  Beginner, anyone can learn to kayak and no experience required.

Dates:  January 5 to January 15

Arrive to Base:  January 5 between 4:00 to 6:00 pm

Depart:  January 15; 10 am

Cost:  $600,000 CLP + spending money

***Family Day Option:  60,000/adult;  35,000/child.  Includes water craft, lunch and banquet asado dinner.

Asado Dinner Only:  8:00 pm; 10,000/adult and 5,000/child.

Deposit is 150,000 CLP.  Email to reserve.

Dinners and games will be played at the Pucon Kayak Hostel quincho. It's a beautfiul Rio Trancura riverside base.

What is whitewater kayaking and will you like it?  Kayaking is a mode of transportation across waterways.  The cool part is that they are capsizable and you can roll back upright making a kayak the versatile water craft on the planet.

  • Do you like swimming in beautiful lagunas or jumping of cliffs into water?  If yes, then you’ll love kayaking.
  • Do you enjoy things like water slides and exploring?  Kayakers are explorers.  Like snowboarders they’re always working on a new trick or seeking a new line.
  • Are you ready to get out of the Santiago heat?  Pucón in the heart of the lake district is surrounded by gorgeous lakes and rivers.  There is no better way to cool off than to learn to kayak.
Learning safety lessons teach good decision making and are great team building activities.

Is kayaking safe?  Did you know kayaking is one of the safest extreme sports?  It’s safer than soccer, biking, snowboarding, and skate boarding.  If you enjoy the water then we’ll take you to safe rivers to learn how to read and run rapids.

What will you learn?

  • Eskimo roll
  • Wet exit
  • Boat to boat rescues
  • How to read rapids
  • Safety procedures via team building
  • How to run rapids.  Now.  That’s cool.

What will you need?  Bring summer clothes and swimming gear.  If you have river sandals or surf style booties then bring those.  We’ll send you a pack list if you decide to join the adventure.

Chile is one of the world's best destinations for kayaking with a variety of rivers and lakes.

Kids Camp Itinerary:

Day 1              5/1:  4:00 to 6:00 pm Arrive to Pucon Kayak Hostel.  Check in and introductions.  Dinner and room assignments.

Day 2            6/1:  Out fit your kayak.  Visit Lago Caburgua for roll sessions and stroke practice.  Exploration hike on Rio Turbio.

Day 3            7/1:  Roll practice + Kayak and Standup Paddle Board from Lago Villarrica into Rio Tolten.

Day 4            8/1:  Roll Practice at Lago Caburgua.   Upper Rio Maichin.

Did you know Pucon is surrounded by three beautiful volcanoes and also lakes, rivers and lagunas?

Day 5            9/1:  Roll Practice at Lago Caburgua.  Kayak Rio Liucura.

Day 6            10/1:  Roll practice at Lago Caburgua.  Kayak Rio Tolten.

Day 7            11/1:  Road trip kayak Lower Lower Rio Fuy.

Day 8            12/1:  Roll Practice at Lago Caburgua.   Family Day Paddle Rio Tolten.

***Friends and Family are invited to paddle beautiful Rio Tolten with six views of Volcan Villarrica.  We’ll bring duckies, Standup Paddle Boards and kayaks to try on this class I-II stretch of river.

Finale Asade at Pucon Kayak Hostel…  8:00 pm

The Family Day Trip will include Standup Paddle Boarding and Funyaks. It's like training wheels for a surf board... anyone can do it.

Day 9            13/1:  Breakfast.  Say good byes and end of camp.

***Pickup kids at 10:00 am.

“How do I make a reservation?”

You can make your reservation by emailing  David will send you a deposit request via paypal.  You will pay your balance upon arrival.

“What about the Family Day Trip?”

Minimum age:  6

We will arrange lunches, rafts, funyaks, kayaks and Standup Paddle boards for this special family event.  After a day on the water we’ll celebrate the camp with a dinner asado.

Email today to make your family reservation.

For more information call or email David Hughes: or 98 99 2766.



Location, Location, Location!

Claire Jencks
-Seattle's Claire Montana Jencks joined the Pucon Kayak Hostel as part of the “Deeznuts Crew” a self-labeled comical tag possibly a mockery of the now famous “Demshitz” crew. Every group at PKH ends up with a group label. Deeznuts is a fun loving adventure group of class V paddlers from Colorado College traveling to Pucon to notch top runs and best enjoy their time in Pucon.

Where in the world can you find access to class II to V whitewater, three active volcanos, pristine lakes, hot springs, and national parks, all in one place? Well, my friends, the answer would have to be: Pucon Kayak Hostel, Chile. Located in the Arauncania province of the lakes district (at the northern gateway to Patagonia), the hostel and Pucon itself are an adventurers paradise. With such a sweet basecamp, there’s honestly nowhere better in the world. There are gypsy wagons, double rooms, camping and geodesic domes, all within 50 feet of a class III to IV+ river. Where else you can kayak to your front door or put-in at a play wave for a run?

But lets get down to what you really want to know about: the whitewater. How close is Pucon Kayak Hostel to it? It’s close, really close. Palguin: 20 minutes. Lower and Upper Trancura: at your doorstep. Lower Palguin: 15 minutes.  Turbio: 7 minutes, Coilaco and Ojos de Caburgua 8 minutes, Puesco and Maichin 45 minutes… ok so you get the gist. Not to mention there are 24 class IV-V rivers within a day or two’s drive. Honestly it’s a bit overwhelming.

But, when we finally arrived from Colorado we settled in to the hostel, and it quickly became home. There are three meals a day, clean white sheets and bocce ball at night, oh and a slackline and sweet guests to shmooze with, all without having to worry about the stress of town. Really, when it comes to location, there’s nothing better.


Nutrients falls, is a favorite drop on Pucon's favorite run, the Nevados.
Nutrients falls, is a favorite drop on Pucon's favorite run, the Nevados.

A Warm Testimony

It’s been a Pucon Kayak Hostel goal to create a sustainable business with a focus on community. It is always with pleasure that we attempt to help each guest fulfill their South American adventure goals. The letter below illustrates the rewards of this life philosophy. Thanks for writing Jan… your kind words mean the world to us.

Jan Wojtasinski shares a testimony that illustrates Pucon Kayak Hostel is achieving it's community oriented goals. Thanks Jan for the kind words.
Jan Wojtasinski shares a testimony that illustrates Pucon Kayak Hostel is achieving it's community oriented goals. Thanks Jan for the kind words.

Hey David,

I know its been a while (well actually about a year), but I felt compelled to send you an email of thanks for your hospitality last February. The use of your boat and gear was awesome and enabled me to check out the Palguin, which was an unexpected highlight of my time spent in South America. Shortly after I lost contact with you due to the earthquake, but the information I gathered from you was incredibly helpful for the rest of my trip.

I hope all is well with the Pucon Kayak Hostel, I came across the website today and it looks like you are doing great things. Whenever I speak with people about traveling to Chile I always recommend checking out Pucon, and will always recommend checking out Pucon Kayak Hostel. Hopefully I will have the time and money soon enough to come down and give you some business of my own.

If you are ever in New England and need a place to stay, the door is always open.


Jan Wojtasinski