Youth Kayaking is a Rolling Success in Chile

Directions to Pucon Chile.

You are invited to the warm hospitality of Pucon Kayak Hostel.

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Kids can learn to kayak in the heart of Pucon Chile's volcano and river wonderland.

For the second year Pucon Kayak Hostel and Huge Experiences have combined to offer Chilean youth a North American style kayak camp. It’s a traditional camp in a gorgeous Chilean environment. The Pucon area offers a variety of rivers fantastic for safe learning. Plus, if the days are cold the kids practice their rolls in one of the local hot springs pools. Now that’s a cool, or should we say warm, way to learn to roll a kayak.


This year three students from Santiago’s high school Nido de Aguilas attended the five-day camp session. Daniel and Lucas Miller attended for their second year as they begin progressing from rolling in the lake to whitewater combat rolls.


Nico Andrade practices kayak strokes before trying one of Pucon Chile's rivers.

Nico Andrade is learning to kayak for his first time. While Nico was skeptical at first he’s learning that kayaking is super fun and a great way to be active and cool off during the hot summer months.


What do the whitewater kayak campers learn?

The goals of the camp are to have fun and introduce Chilean youth to the sport of kayaking in a safe environment. The program begins with safety protocol and introductions.

Students learn the basics of reading water, the sport of kayaking, how to use a throw rope, and boat repair. Students too have to plan their own breakfast menus and be part of revolving cook teams with one of their coaches. Academically, students get a brief history and geography lesson of Chilean whitewater and rivers. Students also write about what they experienced and learnt via their river crafts.

Is kayaking safe? Lucas Miller takes a fun break to swim in a Rio Turbio laguna? Kayakers learn how to read rivers and safety practices.

Safety Lessons

  • Wet exit teaches students how to safely exit their kayak.
  • Throw rope practice teaches students how kayakers can rescue each other win swimming.
  • Swimming rapids teaches students how to read and navigate the river and it’s currents.




Did you know you can surf waves in rivers. Above Daniel Miller surfs on the Lower Rio Maichin.


Hopefully, a seed is planted and these youth become excited to continue learning their rolls this year and soon progress to many of Chile’s great rivers.


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More Photos of kids learning to whitewater kayak in Pucon Chile.

Lucas Miller jumps from a tree into the Rio Tolten. The Tolten overflows like a bath tub out of Lago Villarrica.























Brothers Daniel and Lucas Miller take a break from learning their "eskimo roll" on Lago Tinquiclo. Lago Tinquilco lies on the edge of Pucon's national park Huerquehue.


Directions to Pucon Chile.

You are invited to the warm hospitality of Pucon Kayak Hostel.

Click to learn more about Kids Kayak Camps in Chile.