Salto Goes for a Hike on the Rio Turbio

Salto sale de caminata en el Rio Turbio

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Are you a nomadic kayaker who wants to learn basic Spanish? We’ve put together a Spanish quiz from a day in the life of Pucon Kayak Hostel’s very own lovable canine, Salto. During summer lows the Rio Turbio just 7 minutes away is a favorite hiking gem with plenty of lagunas too. On this day Salto goes on a hike with hostel favorites local dentist Ana, friend Paulina, and German hitch hiker Carola whom kayaker guests picked up hitch hiking en route to the Rio Baker. Ana, the bonified dentist, ended up cleaning, whitening, filling, and repairing half of the hostel guest’s teeth last season. Who knew kayaking Chile might become an economical adventure dental vacation?

Quiz Directions:  Read the photo captions and try to translate. Check to see if your right. Score yourself and see what prize you win.

Salto slide
Salto, Mira primero como me deslizo hacia abajo de esta roca.

1.  Caption Above Translation:  Salto. First watch how I slide down this rock.


Salto. Este es un lugar bonito para una foto del grupo. Sonríe y muestra tus dientes!

2.  Caption Translation:  Salto. This is a pretty place for a foto of the group. Smile and show your teeth.


rio turbio A
Salto. ¿Dónde vamos a cruzar el Río Turbio.

3.  Caption Above Translation:  Salto. Where do we go to cross the Rio Turbio?


Salto. Mira a la bonita chica alemana saltar.

4.  Caption Above Translation:  Salto. Watch the pretty German girl jump.


Salto. Salta el Rio Turbio!

5. Caption Above Translation: Salto. Jump the Rio Turbio!


Salto. Ja ja ja... Ayuda Paula cruzar el rio turbio.

6. Caption Translation:  Salto. Ha ha ha… Help Paula cross the Rio Turbio.



"Donde esta mi perrito? Salto, camina como yo," dijo la bonita dentista.

7.  Caption Translation:  “Where is my little dog, Salto. Walk like me.” Said the pretty dentist.


"Salto sabías Ana es la mejor dentista de todo Pucón?"

8.  Caption Translation:  “Salto. Do you know Ana is the best dentist in all of Pucon?”


Salto, dile a tus amigos kayakistas que soy una súper dentista que quiere hacer sus sonrisas más bonitas.

9.  Caption Translation:  “Salto. Tell your kayak friends that I am a super dentist that wants to make their smiles better.”


Salto. Mira mi mano.

10.  Caption Translation:  Salto. Watch my hand.


Score Yourself:

Salto River
Two years ago dogs would show up at meal time begging. Salto was different. First, he ran off the other dogs. Second, guests all liked the dog with a chill enjoyable personality. Soon enough Salto won over PKH owner David Hughes and the hostel had a mascot without a name. It was Clay Wright who realized before even David that he would adopt the dog. So, Clay appropriately named him Salto.

1 to 5 Correct:  Bummer. Your Spanish is pretty bad. Maybe take a Spanish class from hostel Spanish instructor Paz. Or if your in University check out adventure semester abroad classes with 

6 to 8 Correct:  That’s pretty good. But let’s face it. This was an easy test. Sounds like you’ll do OK catching the bus, asking for directions, and get by with your basics.

9 Correct:  Heyy! You got almost all of the questions right! You win a discount trip to Ana’s Pucon dentist office. She’ll have your teeth looking pearly and white in no time.

10 Corrtect:  CONGRATULATIONS! Your perfect score won the grand prize… you get to marry Ana! She’s super fun and is learning to kayak too. And you’ll never have to pay for your kids to have braces. Which begs the question what if you are a female and won? Salto will be happy to go on a hike with you.

Everyone is warmly invited to meet Salto or get your teeth checked at economical rates.

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