Pucón Creeks and Rivers

For Intermediate to Expert Whitewater Kayakers – Dec 6 to 19

In the spirit of keeping things exciting the Pucon Creeks and Rivers Trip offers whitewater kayaking on Pucón’s best while exploring other areas of the region taking a road trip every third day. Whether you want to master your roll, run your first waterfall, or are ready to work on your boofs and stomps this trip offers it all. You’ll even experience an over night raft support camp trip on the Rio San Pedro. This is one of our most popular trips.

Video of Rio San Pedro Overnight Camp

Above: Patagonia Study Abroad student Jesse Metzger composes this short edit of the overnight San Pedro trip. Paddle a day then camp under the southern hemisphere stars as you celebrate being in Chile. The river is playful and beautiful with Futa style clear water and giant waves. 

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First time creekers can attempt their first 20 foot waterfall on the Upper Palguin and land in a safe pool.
First time creekers can attempt their first 20 foot waterfall on the Upper Palguin and land in a safe pool.

Skills Required: Intermediate to Expert Kayakers

Highlights: Palguin Fest, Nevados, Upper and Lower Trancura, San Pedro Overnighter, Coilaco, Maichin, Puesco, Fuy and Llancahue

Dates: December 6 to 19

Flight Arrivals:  Dec 7, Schedule Temuco (ZCO) Arrivals on the 10:50 am, 11:25 am or 4:55 pm

Flight Departures:  Dec 19, Schedule Temuco (ZCO) departures on the 11:50 am or 5:00 pm
Bus to/from Santiago: Email us for bussing directions and details.

Cost: $2,600 USD

Deposit:  $US600 (deducted from total cost) to reserve your space.

Includes: Kayak, 3 meals/day, lodging, transportation and coaches

Ask about Pucón Creeks and Rivers – CALL OR EMAIL, (USA) 304.640.1001 or david@puconkayakhostel.com.

Want to Extend Your Adventure?

Guests often want to experience more. You can extend your kayaking adventure at a rate of $US800/week. Email David@puconkayakhostel.com to learn more.

Pucónia Land of Volcanos and Rivers

Extreme race on Palguin River Pucon Chile
You can watch or compete with the pros at the annual Palguin Boatercross. Just another day in the Pucón sun.

The whitewater kayak world has known Pucón as a world class kayak destination for over 30 years. To Chileans Pucón is known as the “Rivers District” that sets world records for the most concentrated whitewater and volcanos. Precipitation and combined gradient of Andean and volcanic slopes mean that every other bend in the road offers a new drainage. Those drainages offer playgrounds of hiking, canyoning, rafting, fishing and kayaking. Pucón has become one of South America’s most visited destinations for good reason – stunning beauty. As kayakers we’ll spend much of our time driving the Patagon roads exploring the slopes and waterways.

The Pucón area offers year round kayaking and clean waterfalls. When it rains magically drainages rise into playgrounds of slides, cascades, ramps, boofs, waves and holes towered over by snow covered volcano peaks. Whether you are riding to the river or down a wave train the experience is remarkable.

How does the kayaking work? This trip attracts class III to Expert kayakers. So, we plan two kayak groups based on level: Team D for “Development” and Team S for “Stout.”

Team D – will move at a slower pace scouting and portaging rapids when needed and working on fundamentals of pushy ferries, catching eddies, boofing, and read and run kayaking. The Trancura provides 15 miles of class II to V development whitewater with over 20 boof spots and plenty of excellent eddy lines to work. You’ll take those progression skills to the Palguin and get your chance to “stick your boof” on a variety of waterfall types.
Team S – will progress at a faster pace jumping right to the Palguin and Upper Trancura sections where you’ll be challenged by the harder lines. Your progression will quickly advance you toward more challenging runs like the Puesco and Llancahue.

Who should attend?

The Upper Fuy offers a variety of cascades on turquoise warm water.
Guests often make a day trip to get their boof on Las Leonas.

Do you want to get on a lot of runs but skip the stresses of intense travel? Or maybe you want to kayak during the holidays but make it home in time for some Christmas gifts. Whether you are seeking to run your first clean twenty footer or want to race in the Palguin Boatercross “Pucón Creeks and Rivers Trip” has got you covered. This group will spend less time camping and traveling and more time relaxing and paddling. The PKH base has become world famous for accommodating kayaker’s and getting them on their dream rivers.


Day 1, Dec 6   Fly from your home airport! Passport check!

Day 2, Dec 7   Temuco Airport (ZCO) Arrivals Suggest the 10:50 am, 11:25 am, or    4:55 pm; Outfit boats and Lower Trancura

Day 3, Dec 8   Team D: AM – Slalom Gates / PM – Lower Trancura

Team S: AM – Upper Trancura / PM – Slalom Gates

Day 4, Dec 9   ALL – Rio Maichin Full Day

Day 5, Dec 10  ALL – Rio Fuy (Options are Upper, Middle and Lower)

Day 6, Dec 11 Team D – Upper Trancura / Slalom Gates

Team S – Slalom Gates / Upper Palguin

Day 7, Dec 12 Kayak Rest Day. Options: volcano trek, Cani hike, horse back riding, hotsprings, day in Pucon…

Day 8, Dec 13 Team D Slalom Gates / Upper Trancura

Team S Llancahue Full Day / Optional Late Night Pucón

Day 9, Dec 14 Sleep Late /

Day 10, Dec 15  All – Rio San Pedro Overnighter

Day 11, Dec 16  All – Rio San Pedro Overnighter

Day 12, Dec 17  Team D AM – Slalom Gates / PM – Upper Trancura

Team S AM – Upper Trancura / Coilaco or Nevados (pending levels)

Day 13, Dec 18  ALL – Upper Palguin Full Day

Day 14, Dec 19  Temuco Airport Shuttle

Ask about Pucón Creeks and Rivers – CALL OR EMAIL, (USA) 304.640.1001 or david@puconkayakhostel.com.