Chile Rivers – Upper Trancura River Data

About Kayaking Pucón’s Upper Trancura River (III to V)

The Rio Trancura is kayaked more than any other run in Chile and overlooked by many because it is as staple of an area river as bread is to a fine dinner. The Rio Trancura’s Upper, Lower, and Delta sections are Pucon and the Lakes District bread and butter whitewater kayaking and rafting go to run. With the Pucon valley’s volcanos, Andean peaks, creeks, and rivers all flowing into the Rio Trancura the vairous sections are area guarantees. The Lower and Upper Trancura are great for advanced to expert kayakers even attracting the world’s elite to notch class V rapids like Marimon and Last Laugh. The development features are excellent for boofing, piercing high speed eddies, challenging kayakers with rapids, and high speed ferry moves.

Photos. Upper Trancura’s Feo (Ugly due to beautiful volcano shot) and Marimon’s high speed big water cascade offer features for advanced skills.

Class-skills Recommended. Recommend 100% combat roll, solid boof and must make eddy catching skills required.

Ideal for. Advanced kayakers seeking to improve their rapid running game, practice boofing, running slots and challenging rapids. Expert kayakers wanting to master high-skill moves lapping the Trancura’s most challenging rapids Marimon, Last Laugh, Feo and Garganta.

Access Put in/Takeout. Requires Bike or shuttle driver, or two drivers. Transportation included with retreat trips.

River Character. The run is full of fun moves, development features, lots of boofing and slot drops to run. Non-experienced kayakers often miss the many fun slots and boofs below Last Laugh. High water is fluffy, fast and fun. Last Laugh can be intimidating and being upside down will require super solid roll. Few experts will run Marimon at high water. At high water there is a sweet 8’ high spout left of the island at Garganta.

River Dangers. All rapids are portage-able but are helpful with Trancura experienced guide. Sieve on right at Garganta; log on right below Feo; Marimon is only for experts with kayak safety at bottom recommended; Last Laugh is for experts only.

Guide Tips & Challenges. There are many fun challenges that folks that don’t know the run will miss out on. Thread the Needle is about a 30% move even for the pros but super fun to try; ask a guide about our one minute slalom course challenge below the wave; at medium to high flows have a guide lead you off the Garganta Spout; lap Feo on the right; see how many slots you can stick for the runout below Last Laugh; how many eddies can you catch at Feo.

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