Pucon Kayak Hostel is based in a small rural community, just outside of town, on the banks of the Rio Trancura. Our specialty is water recreation and you may have already picked up on the fact that kayaking is our core area of expertise (and if we’re being honest kayaking is also our favorite activity ever). But did you know we offer lots of different activities and services from the hostel?PKH_Cani-Summit_968x716

If you will be staying at the hostel and would like to try a few different items from this list, you may be interested in one of our Activity Packages. Guests can bundle services with their lodging and meals to save money and guarantee availability for their trip dates. If you want to add an activity listed here to a new or existing reservation, please email us.


Things to Do…


Ducky the Rio Trancura
Ducky the Rio Liucura
SUP Lake Caburgua
SUP Rio Tolten
Swim at Playa Blanca
Go Fly Fishing
Visit Natural Hot Springs
Hike El Cani Sanctuary
Trek in Huerquehue National Park
Take a Yoga Class
Take Spanish Lessons
Take a Kayak Lesson

What Else?

Pucón sits on a beautiful Lake Villarrica, and a Volcano of the same name towers high overhead. Pucon is noted for its upscale downtown district, which includes restaurants, shopping, arts, entertainment, and an abundance of services for travelers and tourists. Pucon is ideally situated in the middle of Chile’s Rivers & Lakes District and surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, lakes, and glacially-fed rivers. The terrain creates an outdoor recreation paradise, making Pucón an extremely popular destination for adventure sport athletes from all over the world.

The number one question we get from guests looking to stay in Pucon who don’t want to spend ALLLLL their time in the water is “What else is there to do besides kayaking?“. And the answer is: lots.

If you want to try an activity we don’t offer, we’ll help you do it on your own — or we’ll match you up with another outfitter in the area. We partner with several great companies that provide PKH guests with discounted rates and special offers. We’ll help save you time and money if you’re interested in booking one of these alternative activities – just make sure you let us know in advance. The list of additional activities in Pucon includes:


Villarrica Volcano
Mountain Biking
Horseback Riding
Rock Climbing
Canopy Tours
Sky Diving
Cultural Experiences
Shopping & Dining


Still Not Sure What to Do?PKH_Ben-Fishing-at-Mariman_1200x900

Send us an email and we’ll happily help you decide! We’ve been living and working in Pucon for more than 10 years and hosting guests for almost as long. We’ve collected a lot of valuable information during that time and we enjoy sharing our experiences with others. We want your trip to be perfect for you – so tell us your personal agenda and preferences and we’ll make some recommendations.