FAQ – We’ve got kids! Is PKH kid friendly?

Ten years ago, no. Today – YES! Like most young adult reckless thrill seekers we had something that changed our lives and perception. A BABY! Now, we think about things like Cheerios, pizza, sandboxes, Legos, Mindcraft, Pokemon, kid friendly movies, child seats, kids kayaks, tutors, how long can Fletcher go before a meltdown, and… you get the idea.

As David and Jessie matured as parents and business owners so did the direction of PKH’s family friendly environment. We get it. And our biggest teacher was Fletcher. Parents still want to run challenging rapids or explore. And you have to balance that with parenting. While we’re not a nursery we are happy to work with your family to meet your family needs. Write us with your concerns and as parents we promise to shoot you straight regarding what is realistic for your family.

We could just say we have a sandbox, Legos, kid movies, dogs, cats and lots of things that kids love. But the truth we’ve discovered that a kid friendly environment more often boils down to the people and community. As Fletcher has grown around the hostel so has our network of tutors, babysitters, kid adventures and kid friendly spaces.

Kids love the geodesic domes and Gypsy Wagons. The domes are our most spacious accommodations with a towering bunk bed above the parental queen bed. For kids they get a sense of camping adventure as they run, bounce and climb around the dome. For parents they get that cool sense of adventure without all of the hassles of setting up camp and sleeping in a super tight confinement. The Gypsy Wagons feel more like a tree-house adventure but are only good for two persons.

Here are a few examples of family adventure successes we’ve made happen:

  • Hiring professional bilingual baby sitters that will spend the entire day with your children while you kayak or do your adventure.
  • Hire tutors to teach provided academic (homeschool) curriculum.
  • Hire Spanish University professor to teach high school and collegiate level courses.
  • Organize family adventure trips including Stand Up Paddle Boarding, kids kayaking, fishing, foamy boating (kid friendly 8-inch kayak for little creeks), and inflatable kayaking trips.
  • Youth Kayak Camp – PKH designed a 12 – 17 year old beginner kayaker youth camp. And it’s been fantastic. For this age group we’ve got plenty of options and equipment.
  • Smaller kid kayaks. We own one Jackson Kayak Fun 1. This is the smallest kids kayak we know of in production and good for 7 to 9 year olds. Younger than that and we recommend a SUP board or Ducky with parent.