FAQ – We’ve got kids! Is PKH kid friendly?

PKH strives to foster a family friendly environment. There are lots of communal and kid friendly spaces such as the sandbox, river fishing, movie dome with games and toys, and forest trails.

Here are a few examples of family adventure successes we’ve made happen:

  • Hiring professional bilingual baby sitters that will spend the entire day with your children while you kayak or do your adventure.
  • Hire tutors to teach provided academic (homeschool) curriculum.
  • Hire Spanish University professor to teach high school and collegiate level courses.
  • Organize family adventure trips including Stand Up Paddle Boarding, kids kayaking, fishing, foamy boating (kid friendly 8-inch kayak for little creeks), and inflatable kayaking trips.
  • Youth Kayak Camp – PKH designed a 12 – 17 year old beginner kayaker youth camp. And it’s been fantastic. For this age group we’ve got plenty of options and equipment.
  • Smaller kid kayaks. We own one Jackson Kayak Fun 1. This is the smallest kids kayak we know of in production and good for 7 to 9 year olds. Younger than that and we recommend a SUP board or Ducky with parent.