Pucon Whitewater Kayak Related Services Summary 

The Montucky Girls checking out the scene at Chile’s Truful Truful (III) put in. Which kayak trip is right for you?

Pucon Kayak Retreat Value to the Whitewater Kayaker.

It’s our job to make your trip perfectly smooth, to show you the whitewater gems, to deliver the video and instruction to make you a better kayaker, to chef prep delightful meals, and celebrate your adventures.  Whether you are a beginner or an advanced whitewater kayaker planning your first trip to Chile there are logistics and river access challenges you’ll encounter. How will you get to the put-in? What about shuttle?  Can I fly with a kayak to Chile? Where will we eat? Which rivers and levels are best for our group skills? How much is it to rent a truck? Can we hire a shuttle?

Making Your Kayak Trip a Pleasure.

We’ve been leading and accommodating international kayakers for two decades on Chile’s whitewater classics. PKR offers Saturday to Saturday whitewater kayaking trips for beginners, II to III+, & III+ to IV+ kayakers. Appetizers and chef cooked meals around a warm fire alongside the Rio Trancura. We strive to create an engaging employee environment with a student instructional focus. Even advanced kayakers are shocked at what they learn.

Pucon’s Best Kayak Instruction. 

PKR owner David Hughes is an Associated Press awarded wrestling coach and Division 1 athlete, has coached multiple world and nationals kayak champions, been a speaker at whitewater symposiums, and continues to use his education background to teach teachers of whitewater. “We don’t call our instructors guides because the game of following me is missing the mark. We have instructional lessons daily to assess the kayaker’s personal skills to give proper drills to develop for the upcoming river tests.

About Pucon Chile Rivers.

Pucon is a whitewater anomaly due to the combination fo Andean slopes within Chile’s temperate deciduous rainforest. Now, imagine placing a handful of volcanos along the Andes that can hold snowpack within glaciers. In other words there is a high precipitation yield via both rain and snow, and the number of drainages is multiplied by the many volcano valleys amongst the Andean slopes. It’s the perfect setting for numerous waterfalls. And as the rivers depart the Andes the whitewater gets more mellow. It is simply fascinating and whitewater heaven for kayakers and adventurists.

Which Pucon Chile Kayak Trip is right for me?

Most experienced kayakers have an idea whether they are intermediate or advanced kayaker. If you don’t know then you are likely a beginner or possibly a beginner. Read more below.

Class III+ to IV+ Chile Kayak Trips. 

Chile is the advanced kayaker’s dream destination. Clean blue waterfalls and fast rapids with a big menu of river options promises quality media and celebrations. PKR offers four advanced Chile kayak trips: Pucon Creek Week, Claro +PLUS, Pucon Classics (III+ to IV+), and Road to Futa.

Class II to III+ Intermediate Chile Kayak Trips. 

Most intermediate whitewater kayakers have a share a false assumption, “I’m not good enough to kayak in Chile.” They could not be more wrong. PKR’s base is the put in for a class II to III+ section of river with another half dozen sections nearby. Pucon has remarkable whitewater development features. Some of our intermediate kayakers are even keen to try a waterfall at the end of their kayak trip.

Beginner, Learn to Whitewater Kayak in Chile. 

You might enjoy kayaking if…

  • You like swimming, cliff jumping or the like.
  • You enjoy exploring the outdoors.
  • You like skiing or snowboarding.
  • You want an activity that gives you a break from the heat.
  • You have a sense of adventure (of course you do!)

What can I expect my first day?

You will show up to PKR and get outfitted with gear and a kayak. We’ll match you with an instructor based on your goals and level of experience. Your instructor will explain your equipment to you and as you load up for your first destination, you’ll discuss some fundamentals of kayaking. You will either head to the hot springs or lake, where you’ll unload and put on your gear. After a brief safety overview, you will get to sit in your kayak, learn how to swim out of your kayak (in case you flip or capsize), and practice paddling around. Once you’re comfortable, feel stable and balanced, and can somewhat accurately steer your kayak in a specific direction, you can move on to the next step. Depending on the length of your lesson and your personal goals – you may begin learning how to roll at this stage. Alternately, you may opt to take your lesson to the river and have your go at kayaking on moving water.

Is kayaking safe?

Yes. We know you see all of those extreme photos. Too bad teaching doesn’t make the highlight reel. First and foremost, Pucon Kayak Retreat takes every precaution possible. Your instructor will go over basic safety protocol with you before you ever touch the water. When it’s warm, we work in pools suited for swimming and when it’s cold, our lessons start out in a hot spring. You’ll use top quality equipment, have a professional instructor, and walk away from your first class with a solid understanding of water safety. Did you know that,  in general, kayakers see less injuries than soccer, biking, snowboarding, and skateboarding? It’s also safer than mountaineering, canyoneering, and rock climbing.