Night Life in Pucon

Kayakers and other outdoor adventurers flock to Pucón for reasons that should seem obvious by now. Clean waterfalls, Crystal clear lakes and rivers, Andes Mountains, volcanoes, and more rivers than we can name off the tops of our heads. But there are other more subtle reasons Pucon has a reputation for being an activity hub – which include a gorgeous culture, beautiful people, and impressive nightlife. In fact, night life in Pucon is an activity all by itself – and one that we highly recommend everyone over the age of 18 experience at least once during their stay.
It’s true. Kayakers love to be social, have a few drinks, maybe even get toasty at times. And Chileans are the world-champs of dancing, wearing revealing clothes, and partying ’til the break of dawn. So it should come as no surprise that the two would attract each other. Maybe it’s a little more one-sided than that, but we’re not keeping track. All we know for certain is that during peak summer season in Pucon the bars serve stout drinks and the discos are crammed full of warm bodies looking to stay out allllllllll night long. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?  
So the real question is – will you hook up with a Chilean beauty? We sure hope so. Okay, okay, we’ll be honest with you. Say you’re a thrill-seeking kayaker with a penchant for waterfalls and girls. Maybe you even have a few muscles and some Spanish phrases written down in your pocket. What are your chances of hooking up with a Chilean goddess? It really does happen. And for many, meeting girls (or boys) from other parts of the world is one of their favorite things about traveling. But if your game is less than par back home, it probably lacks in Chile too. So if you are socially challenged with… ahem… the opposite sex… let someone know for crying out loud. At the very least we’ll give your shirt the sniff test or tell you whether you look better with a hat on or your glasses off.


Start your party preparations at the hostel with a Piscola or Mojito. Drinks at the bars in downtown Pucon are super strong and seriously expensive (not kidding – like $8 – $10 USD for a Rum & Coke).
Hey, Rookie!
The discos don’t get going until around 1 am.  So chill out and pregame at the hostel. If you show up to Mamas y Tapas any earlier than midnight, no one will be there and even if you think you will be able to wait it out until the crowds arrive, chances are you won’t succeed. Aim to hit the discos around midnight and plan your activities beforehand accordingly. The discos are crowded and it is a Chilean babe-fest. So do whatever it is that gives you the courage to get out there. For certain older PKH staff members, that means eating a big dinner and taking a nap before waking up to shower and enjoying some pre-disco cocktails before heading out the door.
Hey, Blackout Drunk!
Be smart. Remember Pucón drinks are 2 to 3 times stronger than they are in most places (like the U.S.). Pace yourself and drink some water in between pisco sours. You’re going to want to remember your Pucón experiences. And we’re begging you, if nothing else, please just don’t be “that guy.”


  1. Pre-game at Pucón Kayak Hostel, Latitude 39, or Pizza Cala.
  2. Hit Mamas y Tapas or El Bosque around midnight. Don’t be scared of long lines (they move quickly) or cover fees (girls are free and your door charge often includes a free drink voucher).
  3. If you’re still functioning post-Mamas it means one of two things. You didn’t pre-game hard enough or you played things perfectly and are on your way to the beach or another local favorite post-party hot spot.