How to Sniff Out Cheap Chile Flights

As the host of a whitewater dream adventure destination a top priority is to help travelers save funds on airfares. Sniffing out the inside secrets of international flight deals is something every nomadic kayaker should understand. 

Advantages of Following These Tips

  • Your Chile kayaking adventure begins with your flight research.
    By following these tips you will be a well-informed consumer and know the best price when you see it.
  • If you learn just one new airfare purchasing gem you’ll save money. 
  • You may find yourself buying a ticket to your dream kayak vacation. 

Tips for Cheaper Airfares Like Minded Kayakers Use

Browse incognito to avoid bait and switch pricing.

Airlines and booking agencies use a low fare magnet statistically knowing that everyone researches best price points. That’s how they get you… when you return to their site to buy that low cost ticket the price increased by hundreds in only minutes. Each time you search incognito you are in effect resetting your cookies and hence not allowing the sites track your site hits. For the moment you should be able to get the originally published lower fare. 

Know the cheapest day to fly.

Are you ready to fly to Chile and kayak daily? The more you research the more you save. Mark Taylor flying low on Pucon’s Upper Nevados.

Use sites like Google Flights and Sky Scanner’s “Whole Month” feature to see cheapest flights by date. As a rule of thumb Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are cheaper than weekend flights. – We suggest beginning your research with Google Flights because you can easily see the cheapest days to fly. It’s cool to see the costs illustrated on each day of the calendar. – Maybe the best comprehensive booking site for finding low fares. The “Whole Month” feature allows you to compare prices by the day equaling hundreds of dollars in savings. Easy to use and fast.

  • Now that you know the cheapest days to fly use the data to search on other cheaper booking engines.

Use price alerts and price bidding.  

Many booking sites have either price alerts or bidding. You can bid your price or by requesting alerts watch prices drop during the following weeks. – searches Travelocity, Kayak, Expedia, One Travel, Cheap Flight Now, and Trip Advisor. and  – Also searches multiple engines. – While, recently killed their name your own price option SkyAuction still offers a similar service. You have the option to pay the price they publish or why not try naming your price.  

Keep Kayaking. 

Our Most Popular Pucon and Chile White Water Kayaking Trips 

Dental +PLUS Whitewater Kayak Vacation?

Have you had your teeth knocked on the river? Or maybe you just want a checkup or a cavity filled at affordable rates. In Pucon we recommend our favorite local dentist / kayaker Anita Diaz for professional dental services.

It was the summer of 2003 when I knocked out two front teeth. Numbers 9 and 10 I would soon learn were worth more than a good used SUV at around $US12,000. Ouch! As a nomadic toothless kayaker that desired to have a full smile I soon began asking about international dental pricing. The discoveries were perspective changing. 

Here are a few international dental practices that many kayakers may not know.

  • IMPLANTS – are one of the worst to experience and expensive dental eprocedures you never want to have. I was more scared getting my second one than my first. 
  • “I’ve got dental insurance. I’m covered.” WRONG. I discovered, “Implants are a cosmetic surgery under the same category as a face lift, boob job, tummy tuck…” WHAT? I was toothless and not covered.
  • Practically, every country in the world has cheaper dental services than the US. But is the quality as good? Please. Don’t ask a Chilean that.My US dentist let me in on a little secret and shared some Chile dental websites.
  • Simple dental improvements and applications like whitening, crowns, and cavity services are a fraction of the cost of US services.
  • US implant services come with a menu of ways you can get your implant. Basically, you have 3 pain options ranging in menu of price points: laughing gas, local anesthetic, and “don’t be stupid… we’re drilling into your face.”
  • Chile does not offer laughing gas but does naturally include local anesthetic. Which is all you need. “Is this real life?” 

Dental Services Price Comparison – Chile v. USA

With 20 +PLUS years of leading international kayak trips just in Chile I’ve seen a few broken teeth get crown work, cavities filled, caps replaced, teeth whitening and a personal implant based on demand. I’ve personally been impressed with how quickly Chilean dentists will open their offices and complete work. Here are a few price comparisons based on my experience and according to

Service                        Chile                                                    USA

Fillings                        $50 – $75                                             $50 – $250

Implants                    Less than half US Rate                  My first implant was $6,000+

Whitening                 $100 – $250                                      $650*

*According to 

Take Away Points

  • Are you covered? Check to make certain big cost procedures like implants are not categorized as “cosmetic surgery.”
  • What health care procedures could you save your budget and put back into your kayaking trip?
  • Even if you are covered you may want to research purchasing a traveler’s insurance plan for your kayaking trips. 
  • In Pucon we recommend our local resident dentist kayaker Anita Diaz seen in photo. 

Blog written by David Hughes.
Owner Pucon Kayak Hostel
Director Patagonia Study Abroad
Instructor NOC Paddlesports 

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Vacation Certification +PLUS Kayaking (All Skills) AWFA, SRT 3, & ACA Kayak Instructor Certs +PLUS daily kayaking. 

River Progressions – 5 Ways to Get More River Time

Before we discuss how to get more river time let’s identify some factors that prohibit river time. 

  • You’re working too much. Or maybe you could balance work with kayaking better. 
  • Is your significant other prohibitive of river time? Your relationship could range from an understanding of your paddling to a person whom resents your paddling time.
  • You are fixated on your couch.
  • Great river and features are too far away.
  • Lack of folks to go kayaking with you.

 #5 Plan Your Work Time More Efficiently with River Time –

Skipping work to go kayaking makes the experience even sweeter. Sick days are for boofing. (c)Casey Jones

Twenty +PLUS years ago I received the best advice to progress my pro kayaking. Pro Wave Sport kayaker Billy Craig shockingly said, “You’ve got to quit that job.” Most people won’t quit their job. And it’s likely you shouldn’t unless you realize it’s a dead end. But I had a burning desire to kayak all the time. Work Oof to River Boof Tips:

  • Use accumulated sick or leave days for boof days. Save your off work days for sunny days or better yet rainy high water days for kayaking. And for goodness sake go to work when you are sick. 
  • Pre-plan your long weekends and take an extra day off for extended +PLUS paddling weekends. Or how about taking a mini kayaking vacation over holidays?
  • Can you squeeze in kayaking before or after work? Heck. If you are like most of us then you are likely wasting time on Facebook when you could be getting in flat water drills or 20+ boofs on your local run.
  • What about making your job river related? That’s what I did. For 20+ years rivers have been my passion and today I own a world class kayakers hostel on the Rio Trancura. Winning.

#4 Relationship Time Balanced with River Time –

Can you plan your family and relationship time with your river time? Winning.

This may be your most challenging time frame to convert. In an ideal world, you would patiently illustrate to your significant other the benefits of your passion for the river. But we’ve seen some pretty dysfunctional relationships. Funny thing is it seems to us the more troubled the relationship the more river time can help. Let’s see what our creative minds can develop.

  • Admit that you have some sort of addictive personality disorder. Luckily, your addiction can be remedied with hiking in the woods for hours with a kayak on your shoulder and plopping your way down rivers. Of course, you need help from a support group. That’d be your kayaker friends honking in your drive way and loading your 9R. You could debate that your relationship benefits via improving quality relationship time and presence. Good luck. If you come up with a winner hit us with a Facebook message. 
  • Include your significant other in cool river trips, festivals, and camping – Rivers should be awesome for everyone as we all enjoy the natural therapeutic benefits of rivers. If your significant other enjoys the outdoors with you then “Boof on.” If they don’t enjoy river life with you then you may need to call Dr. Phil. Or at least get creative with your communication to balance your relationship with your river time.
    • Great Family River Time Example – At Pucon Kayak Hostel we watched pro kayakers Ron Fischer and Marianne Saether take runs watching their new baby while the other got to run Nevados and Trancura laps. Now, that’s a cool river family and we imagine in short time they’ll all be paddling together.

#3 Your River Time is Affected Because You Can’t Get Off the Couch –

Are your river boofs too far away? How can you gain more river time by pre-planning your schedule?

Major oof. It happens and surprisingly it’s not always easy to get out of that couch rut. Here are a few tips to help you motivate to get more river time.

  • Identify your preferred group medium to go kayaking. Do you like paddling with a specific group of friends? Or do you need your local club to plan trips? Maybe you feel most comfortable with professional instruction. Make contact with your kayak people and that may be the catalyst to get you off the couch. Get proactive.
  • Make a commitment to self that you are going to accept river invitations. Or you will organize river trips for your paddling friends. 

#2 Rivers and Features Are Too Far Away –

Another oof. The distance hurdle is a tough one that lends itself to planning.

  • What nearby lakes and pools do you have to help you develop fundamental skills? Whether you are developing your combat roll or class V flat water development progressions can help core strength and confidence. This will help build your confidence for when you are on the river. For example, if you master your roll in the pool then you’ll be able to spend more time carving, catching eddies, and boofing. 
  • Make a point to plan weekend river trips. Better yet plan a river vacation.

#1 Lack of Kayaking Friends –

Rivers provide the best bonding experiences. Above the Chicago Whitewater Association celebrate a kayaking adventure vacation to Chile’s Rio Truful Truful.

Kayaking friendships and bonding for many is the best reason they go kayaking. Think about it. How many people do you know that prefer to kayak solo? And with today’s resources you have many options for cultivating those relationships.

  • Kayak Schools and Instruction – The majority of kayakers get into kayaking via a kayak school or camp. Your instructors and the school are a resource broader than just instructional skills. As you develop you’ll progress from student to developing river bonds to peer being invited on river trips. 
  • Whitewater Clubs and Schools – Whitewater clubs and schools are excellent for developing pool sessions and river trips. Get proactive and show up for the river and all it has to offer.
  • Kayaking Friends and Groups – Okay. Your kayaking has progressed to the point that you are good enough to go on private river trips. Watch the flows and make the calls to your group for your river time.

Now when the river flows peak your river time priorities are ready to skip work, tell your significant other you’ll be home late, and boof the day away. 

River trips and kayak schools, we endorse.

Just a reminder that kayaking is fun for everyone.

NOC Paddlesports – This is the world’s largest whitewater kayak school and for good reason. Located in the heart of Western North Carolina’s whitewater mecca the rivers are as great as the instruction. The rivers attract beginners and intermediates seeking instruction, world class freestylers and slalom racers, and boaters charging stouts and spouts. No matter your skill folks love to drop in at NOC for a lap or a beer by the river. 

Pucon Kayak Hostel – This is my place developed just for folks that love the river. When you are ready to travel and kayak rivers then you are invited to come to Pucon Chile. Now, with our NOC partnership we offer beginner and intermediate Pucon Classics Trips on our backyard rivers. And Teacups +PLUS Trips and Vacation Certification +PLUS Kayaking is available for the expert kayakers ready to go to the next level or work in the industry. 

If you enjoyed this blog then we’d be grateful for sharing, liking and commenting. 

Keep Kayaking. 

By David Hughes
Owner, Pucon Kayak Hostel
Director, Patagonia Study Abroad
Instructor, NOC Paddle Sports  

Five Kayaker Gems in Pucon Chile

Four days into our 2016 Teacups +PLUS trip we’re reminded why we first chose to come to Pucon to kayak. It’s the little things that few speak about that we cherish daily in our kayaking lives. Here are a few we identified this week. 

#5 – Putting in and taking out at your riverside base.

Where else can you boof with a volcano as your backdrop? Just 30 minutes upstream of your hot shower, dinner and copa de vino tinto.
Where else can you boof with a volcano as your backdrop? NOC’s Jonathan Ortiz gets his boof on prior to taking out on our riverside property.

For kayakers it’s a special feeling to put in just steps away from your bed. Maybe the only thing better is a class IV+ run on the same river taking out at your base to be followed by having a hot tree house shower and a cold beer. Pucon Kayak Hostel’s base is located at the takeout for the Upper Trancura and putin for the Lower (III) section right in the heart of all the local runs. 

#4 – Upper Palguin Putin.

Few talk about the Upper Palguin putin, but they should. After driving past vistas of Volcan Quetrupillan you’ll next hike into the Palguin Canyon. At the base of the 85’ boof Salto Palguin is a land bridge seal launch. Slide in and the cascades await on South America’s most popular whitewater creek. 

One of coolest putins you'll experience is the Upper Palguin land bridge. Tip - stomping the seal launch is easier than you think.
One of coolest putins you’ll experience is the Upper Palguin land bridge. Tip – stomping the seal launch is easier than you think.


#3 – Canyon runs on the Rio Maichin.

Driving east from Pucon toward Argentina is a pristine class III-IV gem known as the Rio Maichin Canyon. Some parts are reminiscent of the Upper Yough with slots and boofs galore. The run does have three runnable V’s with option for sneaks and portages. This river gives you that deep canyon feel… because it’s a deep canyon.

#2 – Shuttles.

Shuttle bunnies on the Upper Palguin near Pucon Kayak Hostel. Come see what all the fun is about.
Shuttle bunnies on the Upper Palguin near Pucon Kayak Hostel. Come see what all the fun is about.

With three volcanoes surrounding Pucon, farmers working the land with ox and cart, and a region known as the rivers and lakes district it’s no wonder Pucon Kayak Hostel maintains a fleet of 4 por 4 trucks for kayakers. Every kayaker knows the anticipation to new river runs and cascades. Your shuttles are grounds for making lifetime friendships.

#1 – Paddling the Rivers.

Pucon Chile has been attracting kayakers to it’s clean river playgrounds for over four decades and for good reason. Kayakers seeking a great winter destination enjoy Pucon’s multitude of cascades and rivers including from class II beginner sections, class III rolling waves and eddies under towering volcanoes, class IV big water and cascades, and even the pros come to test their skills.

Popular Trips 

Teacups +PLUS Maipo, Nov 19 – 25

Teacups +PLUS Nuble, Nov 26 – Dec 1

Pucon Classics Trips Jan – Feb 2018 

Vacation Certification Courses +PLUS Kayaking

Road to Futa 2018 Itinerary Coming Soon 

Keep Kayaking. 

Group Organizer Promotional Tips & Videos

Are you a group organizer interested in discounts and promotional tips? If yes, then you’ll be interested in our Group Organizer Tips, Videos, and Promotional Materials. WATCH VIDEO – PKH owner David Hughes relates Purpose of Meaning to kayaking. Organizers can use our videos and tips to help promote your group to kayak Chile. Videos and tips below. 

Link to Promotional and Group Organizer Discounts.

Whitewater Kayak Group Organizer Promotional Tips & Videos

Organizing a group of kayakers can be like herding cats. Kayakers are just all over the place. PKH has found a couple of tools that make it easier than you might have imagined. Step 1, Research which trip is right for your group. Step 2, Promote and Organize Your Group – Facebook offers a “Create a Facebook Event” feature that is easy and perfect for organizing, promoting and communicating with your group. Plus, David can help you by sharing photos, videos and also proactively answering questions. Directions to Create a Facebook Private Event – Ask David for a photo for your event.

  • You may ask to create the event for you.
  • Click the “Create a Event” button on your Facebook page.
  • Event Name – something like “Sarah Beth Kayak Friends Going to Chile January 2 – 10.” Invite every kayaker you know.
  • Location – Pucon Kayak Hostel
  • Date/Time – Use the dates from the actual trip.
  • Description – Make this a fun invitation to kayak Chile. Include links to the trip description page. State whom to contact to sign up. Give deadlines for signups.
  • Promoting Your Event/Trip
    • Invite Friends.
    • Encourage everyone going to share and promote the event.
    • Periodically share past photos and videos of trips.
    • Organize a group Skype conference with David Hughes. It’s fun to talk about the rivers and travel in Chile.

Step 3, Email your group list – in order that David may begin securing group deposits. Once you’ve paid your deposit Pucon Kayak Hostel will do the rest. You’ll receive packing lists and trip details to help make your adventure even better. Step 4, Continually share posts on your Facebook Event – Ask targeted questions and encourage friends to be active. Share Trip Links and Videos on Your Event and Personal Page

Other Suggestions to Promote Your Trip – Phone calls, word of mouth, group emails… We believe the Facebook Create a Event platform is the easiest and strongest way to promote your trip. Email or call David Hughes to help organize your group. or 304-640-2595. Keep Kayaking.