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Kayakers love to explore in packs. Let us help you organize your group.

Ready to organize your group but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have already tried organizing a group of kayakers, and it’s going about as well as if you were trying to herd a bunch of cats into a car full of dogs. We’re the experts in getting groups together to do complicated things within a certain amount of time. And we’re here to help.

Step 1 – Where to Start

Get in touch with resident group expert and Pucon Kayak Retreat owner David Hughes. He’s best reached by email, David@puconkayakhostel.com. He will probably have some options and ideas for you right away, making your life easier. If your group has specialized needs, David will help create a custom itinerary for you. This could include everything from developing a curriculum for a school program to creating the perfect family-friendly adventure vacation. If you’re a club or organization, David will help you come up with unique ideas or goals for your group. Once your trip has an identity, you can begin using it to engage with your group.

Step 2 – Promote Trip and Organize Your Group

Today’s technology has made organizing and promoting events and trips easy. We’ll recommend a few easy mediums to promote your trip and even help by sharing videos, blogs, photos and being proactive with promoting your group trip.

#1 Way to Promote Your Group Event – We’ve found the Facebook “Create a Private Event” feature super easy. In less than five minutes you can create a FB event and invite friends. Here are some FB Create a Private Event tips.

  • Event Name – Something like “Booftastic Kayak Club Goes to Chile: January 2 – 10″
  • Invite everyone in your group. Maybe even people not in your group.
  • Location – Pucon Kayak Hostel, Chile
  • Date/Time – Use dates of  the actual trip.
  • Description – Make this a fun invitation to kayak in Chile. Include links to our website in the trip description page. State whom they need to contact to sign up, and what eligibility requirements they must meet (if any). Give deadlines for signing-up or expressing interest in joining.
  • Promoting Your Event/Trip
    • Invite Friends.
    • Encourage everyone going to share and promote the event.
    • Periodically share past photos and videos of trips.
    • Organize a group Skype with David. It’s fun to talk about the traveling to Chile. And kayaking!

Step 3 – Share Trip Links and Videos –

Recommended videos.

Step 4 – Contact David for the final push

Email him or call him via Skype (username: hugeh2o) or call him on his U.S. cell phone. Have your group contact list ready. David can help reinforce commitment deadlines if needed. He can also begin submitting individual invoices and securing deposits. Whatever final steps you need to make happen, we’ll help you work through. Once the last member of your group has paid a deposit, the hard part of your job is done. We’ll send you welcome packets full of information, waivers, packing lists, and hints for finding the best deal on airfare.  This will prepare you and your group for your trip – which is all you will need to focus on prior to your departure for Chile and the adventure of a lifetime. Great job!

Not sure if we can handle your group? Just ask!

If you think you can organize a group then email david@puconkayakhostel.com for more information. David will match you with a program, discount schedule, and custom itinerary.