Is your group ready to explore Chile? PKH is proud of how easy we make trips for group organizers.

Are you a group leader, owner or logistics coordinator? As PKH owner David Hughes coordinated logistics for a kayak academy of 20+ kayakers he realized groups need the Big 3 logistics – food, lodging, and transportation. And if they are kayakers then they have a 4th logistic need – great whitewater or daily adventure. PKH facilitates the group possibility of Chile adventures via various forms:

  • Custom program and itinerary planning.
  • Supply of professional and quality equipment outfitting.
  • Semester and academic curriculum development.
  • Providing group promotional materials, content, and media.
  • Providing access via legal permits, insurances and locally certified guide services.
  • Group discounted pricing structure. 

How can PKH help your group?

To help your group you may want to think about the following considerations as you plan your trip. 

  1. What type of group are you?
    • Adventure Business
    • School – University, High School, Other
    • Team
    • Canoe or Kayak Members Club
    • Friends
    • Event
  2. Can you estimate the size of your group?
  3. Which services will your group need?
    • Lodging
    • Meal Services
    • Equipment Rentals
    • Transportation Rentals or Drivers
    • Logistics and Itinerary Consult
    • Academic Programming, Curriculum Development and Consult
    • Legal Permitted Guides
    • Group Organizer Tips and Promotional Content Support
  4. Which best describe’s your groups kayaking and activities?
    • No kayak experience. But we’re interested in kayak lessons and other adventures.
    • No kayak experience and no kayak interest. But we might be interested in other activities.
    • Our group is mostly beginner to intermediate kayakers. We’re ready to learn and paddle warm rivers in the Chilean sun.
    • We are a full mix of kayakers ranging from beginners to intermediates to experts wanting to run waterfalls.
    • We are a group of solid experienced kayakers. Show us the way to demwattafalls.
  5. Describe the vision of your group’s Chile adventures. Detail desirable activities.
  6. Contact info:
    • Group Organization Name
    • Group Organizer Name, Phone, email.

Email to learn more about group trips.