This page is designed to help various group leaders, owners and logistics coordinators. As PKH owner David Hughes coordinated logistics for a kayak academy of 20+ kayakers he realized groups need the Big 3 logistics – food, lodging, and transportation. And if they are kayakers then they need a 4th – great whitewater. PKH facilitates the group possibility of Chile adventures via various forms:

  • Custom program and itinerary planning.
  • Supply of professional and quality equipment outfitting.
  • Semester and academic curriculum development.
  • Providing group promotional materials, content, and media.
  • Providing access via legal permits, insurances and locally certified guide services.
  • Offering group discounted pricing meaning best services at best prices.

How can PKH help your group?

To help your group you’ll first need to give us a few details.

  1. What type of group are you?
    • Adventure Business
    • School – University, High School, Other
    • Team
    • Canoe or Kayak Members Club
    • Friends
    • Event
  2. Can you estimate the size of your group?
  3. Which services will your group need?
    • Lodging
    • Meal Services
    • Equipment Rentals
    • Transportation Rentals or Drivers
    • Logistics and Itinerary Consult
    • Academic Programming, Curriculum Development and Consult
    • Legal Permitted Guides
    • Group Organizer Tips and Promotional Content Support
  4. Which best describe’s your groups kayaking and activities?
    • No kayak experience. But we’re interested in kayak lessons and other adventures.
    • No kayak experience and no kayak interest. But we might be interested in other activities.
    • Our group is mostly beginner to intermediate kayakers. We’re ready to learn and paddle warm rivers in the Chilean sun.
    • We are a full mix of kayakers ranging from beginners to intermediates to experts wanting to run waterfalls.
    • We are a group of solid experienced kayakers. Show us the way to demwattafalls.
  5. Describe the vision of your group’s Chile adventures. Detail desirable activities.
  6. Contact info:
    • Group Organization Name
    • Group Organizer Name, Phone, email.