• Camping – $3,000.00
  • Shared Occupancy Cabin – $3,600.00
  • Shared Dorm – $3,300.00
  • Shared Hosteria – $3,600.00


Trip Length: 15 Days

Arrival City:: Temuco (ZCO) Between 11 AM to 5 PM

Departure City:: Temuco (ZCO) Between 11 AM to 5 PM

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ACA Certification + Leadership + Pucon Classics III to IV+

December 22, 2018 - January 5, 2019

Who should consider the ACA Certification+ Leadership + Pucon Classics Trip?

This program is for kayakers interested in kayaking Pucon Classics and earning the industry instructional standard ACA Kayak Instructor Level IV Certification. Experienced kayakers can improve instructional skills and be industry ready for a kayak instructional job you. Plus kayakers get to continue learning safety, river running, and creeking lessons at the world’s best destination for rivers. Your skills and confidence will improve whether you are running your first waterfall or mastering the stomp to boof.

ACA Kayak Instructor L4, Week One  

Mike Smith, Outdoor Sports Institute Director, will be the ACA L4 instructor. The course will operate the first week of the program covering all ACA mandate topics. Class instruction occurs each morning in the PKH movie dome. With river instruction happening on a variety of local river sections. The ACA course will be complete at the end of week one. You have two kayak days buffer to explore outside of class.

Christmas Presents and waterfall tradition. We take the holiday off from classes for special river treats. 

Can ACA Students Paddle Post-Class? 

Yes. As long as the ACA requirements are covered first. Typically, classes finish between 4 to 5 pm daily. With the long Chilean days and your base right on the river it is easy to get in post class laps.

MOST POPULAR: Pucon Classics (III to IV), Week Two

The second week of this program will complete our most popular Pucon Classics itinerary. Week two, kayakers get to focus on running rivers, waterfalls, improving skills, and having fun exploring Chile. River trips continue to build safety and leadership skills as we explore your skills development. By the time you are done your kayaking and trip leading will be next level. This is as good as kayaking gets. See itinerary below.


  • GROUP ORGANIZER DISCOUNTS. Are you a group organizer, club leader, professor that can organize groups? You can earn a FREE trip. Email David@PuconKayakHostel.com to learn our DISCOUNT SCHEDULE.
  • 10% DISCOUNT STUDENT LEADER INSTRUCTORS. Student Leader Instructors participate in second week instructional program. You will learn more. Do more. And receive a discount. Email David@PuconKayakHostel.com. 

Who should apply to ACA + Leadership + Pucon Classics?

  • Kayak leaders and wannabe leaders.
  • Experienced kayakers seeking to improve both their kayaking and leadership skills.
  • Less experienced kayakers keen to advance kayaking and leadership skills.
  • Anyone any age interested in earning a job in the kayak instructional industry.
  • Kayakers that love to kayak rivers and learn leadership.

Week 1: ACA L4 Instructor Course + Leadership Training + River Runs

The first week will have daily class room instruction focused on the philosophy of teaching, common beginner/intermediate challenges, best instructional practices, how to reduce risks, equipment assessments, strokes and techniques, safety, and ACA requirements. Leaders will plan a river itinerary with our professional instructional team. ACA students will learn instructional fundamentals on numerous area rivers.

A trip highlight of the week will be your Rio San Pedro (II to III+) trip. This is as good as life gets.

*Due to water levels, skills, and group needs the following itinerary is subject to change and is only a best prediction of the itinerary.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 (DEC 22) – Afternoon arrivals. Boat outfitting. Lower Trancura river assessments. Orientation.

Day 2 (DEC 23 to 28) – ACA L4 Certification Classes. Post class daily fun runs starting at 5 pm.


Leadership Class. Coaching reviews. Class coaching techniques. Beginner/Intermediates common mistakes. River Run. Skills and drills. The art of running waterfalls safely. How to protect yourself. Reduce risks. Celebrate.

Pucon Classics Week Two

This trip is for kayakers that have solid fundamental skills and basic to advanced creeking / river running experience. Instruction and rivers will match with advanced ferries, boofs, the art of flight, waterfall pitch and directional control, eddy piercing speed control. We’ll seek more advanced runs including waterfall and boof sessions. Pucon Classics trips are designed for the kayakers that truly desire to progress their kayak skills and explore rivers. Your home base is located on two sections of river allowing you to relax and kayak lots. Our instructors know every feature on the more than a dozen nearby sections. This group will spend less time camping and traveling and more time relaxing and paddling. 

This itinerary is designed for experienced kayakers with solid roll and river running experience. Less experienced kayakers are advised to consider our Pucon Classics II to III trips.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 (Dec 29)

Morning alternate activity.
Afternoon Lower Trancura Skills Assessment & Jet lag Wash. Welcome to Pucon Kayak Hostel appetizers, provisions and dinner by fire.

Day 2  (Dec 30): River Goals, Coaching, Boofing, Piercing Eddies and Making Moves

AM – Kayak Theory + Lower (II-III+) or Upper Trancura (III, IV, IV+ w/portagables) run

PM – Upper Palguin (IV) or Liucura Wave to Trancura (II, III+)

Day 3 (Dec 31)

AM – Pack for Maichin Full Day trip.

AM/PM – Maichin (III – IV w/portagables) +PLUS Pucon Fireworks Optional

Day 4 (Jan 1): Full Day Road Trip Options: Blanco, San Pedro, Truful Truful, Fuy

AM – Depart for Rio San Pedro (II – IV w/portagables. Inflatable kayak options.)

PM – Paddle San Pedro

Day 5 (Jan 2)

AM – Kayak Theory + Lower Trancura or Upper Palguin (IV) Full Day

PM – Liucura Wave to Trancura or Upper Palguin Full Day

Day 6 (Jan 3)

AM – Upper Palguin (III+ to IV Group)

PM – Afternoon in Pucon

Day 7 (Jan 4)

AM / PM – Full Day Road Trip River Option

Day 8 (Jan 5) 

AM – Early AM laps on Palguin or Trancura… kayaker option. Or Pucon crafts and souvenirs shopping.

Temuco Airport (ZCO) Departure Flights Between 11 AM to 5 PM.