• Shared Dorm – $4,990.00
  • Camp – $4,590.00

Certifications & Courses: ACA Kayak Instructor Level IV Cert ($US800 value, Advanced Wilderness First Aid Cert ($US400 value)

Co-op Work-Kayak Experience: Students will work half-day kitchen shifts & kayak half-day shifts during non-included kayak trips.

Kayak Leadership Training: Kayakers will learn safety decision making & setting, instructional planning, river running and training.

Arrival City: DEC 14, Temuco (ZCO) between 11 AM to 5 PM.

Departure City: JAN 4, Temuco (ZCO) between 11 AM to 5 PM.

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ACA Level IV Kayak Instructor & AWFA Certifications, 2 Chile Kayak Trips, Logistics & Co-op Training (III+ to IV+)

December 14, 2019 - January 4, 2020

Program Description and Components

Program was originally designed for university kayak program leaders seeking to better teach their kayak club and of course kayak Chile’s rivers and waterfalls. Program includes ACA Level IV Kayak Instructor Certification, Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification, Pucon Classics DEC 14 TO 21(III+ to IV+), Kayak Training, Chile Road Trip & International Logistics training.


What will you learn and do in Chile?

Component 1, Pucon Classics DEC 14 – 21 (III+ to IV+) CLICKABLE (Value $1995). 

We start you out with exactly what kayakers want. Pucon Chile’s best whitewater kayaking. You only have three weeks and we want you to progress your kayaking skills and professional kayak instruction training to the max. River running, water-falling, boofing, and daily challenges on world class whitewater features.

Component 2, Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification Course (Value $US400) 

This intensive 4-day course provides in-depth information on medical and environmental emergencies alongside hands-on practice of backcountry first aid skills. Students learn both in the classroom and in the mountains, trails, and streams at NOC’s Nantahala River campus. With an emphasis on leadership, students learn to confidently take control of medical situations. Over 4-days students learn patient assessment, injury management and other necessary outdoor skills. This course includes American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) CPR and AED certification.
KAYAKING NOTE. Yes!!! You will go kayaking daily after classes.

Component 3, Kayak Training, Leadership, & Trip Logistics

Leadership. We like to think of it as preparing every student to instruct at Pucon Kayak Retreat or prep them to work for any of our international kayak program partners. River rescues and safety protocol on creeks and canyons are a must. What values based principles do expedition leaders use when presented with difficult decisions?
Kayak Training. Kayakers continue to progress kayak goals. The cool part is that Chile has the world’s best development features right in our back yard. And we’ve got really great instructors. Whether you want to learn to run your first waterfall, master the ear-dip, or figure out the timing of a boof to stomp we’ll teach you the techniques. It’s up to you to go kayak, kayak, kayak.
International Kayak Trips Logistics (ROAD TRIP). As part of your student kayaker program you will plan an in-country road trip. Where will you go? How will you research levels? Where will you stay? How much will your transportation cost? Can you stick to a budget? We’ll make sure you know how. For many this is the best holiday highlight.

Component 4, ACA Level 4 Kayak Instructor Training Certification Course (Value $US800)

Our Instructor Training Course is designed to prepare you with the professional skills needed to teach whitewater kayaking for fun or for profit. Whitewater kayak instructor training will certify participants for Level 4 ACA Kayak or Canoe Instructor. We are affiliated with several international kayak schools and help each student gain employment opportunities.

Component 4, Final Project- Menu Meal Production

Students will plan a recipe, menu meal title and description, meet a budget, shop, prep, cook, manage a kitchen team, and deliver a final product meal. We have seen students so proudly present the most creative and delicious meals. What will you produce? Imagine. who will you share it with over future holidays?