• Shared Cabin – $11,900.00
  • Shared Dorm (at PKRAMA/camping on road trip) – $10,500.00
  • Camping – $9,900.00

Culinary Skills Taught: Catering & buffet production; menu & recipe planning; expedition & fireside planning and production; sanitation & production. (Value $US2295)

FOUR Kayak Trips: Pucon Creek Week NOV 9 - 16 ($US1995); Claro +PLUS Maipo NOV 16 - 22 ($US1795); Claro +PLUS Nuble NOV 23 - 30 ($US1795); Pucon Creek Week NOV 30 - DEC 7 ($US1995)

International Logistics: Learn what it takes to plan and prep an international trip as we travel to Chile's best river destinations.

Kayak Leadership Training: Kayakers will learn safety decision making & setting, instructional planning, river running and training.

Arrival City: NOV 2, Temuco (ZCO) between 11 AM to 5 PM.

Departure City: DEC 14, Temuco (ZCO) between 11 AM to 5 PM.

NO CREDITS: Culinary program is designed to train staff for professional culinary and kitchen management for PKRAMA season. Students depart with fundamental kitchen skills and new menu cooking knowledge.

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Whitewater Kayak ACA Instructor/AWFA Certifications, Culinary Training, +PLUS 4 Kayak Trips

December 28, 2019 - February 8, 2020

FOUR KAYAK TRIPS, Professional Expedition Culinary Training, ACA & AWFA Certifications

Want to earn money teaching whitewater kayaking? Kayak schools are seeking professionally developed and certified instructors in whitewater rich regions. This program offers a complete mastery of kayak instruction from beginner to intermediate to advanced instruction. And includes developing your own kayak master skills. Now students can benefit from professional chef culinary training offered to our retreat staff and wannabe staff. Our objective is to train our staff and students to operate a high quality retreat menus production team giving you a competitive life edge. Taking the kitchen to the river our river and dining cuisine is a notch above with a few simple impressive additions to your arsenal.

Who should apply?

Anyone who wants to master whitewater kayak instruction via lots of river and instructional experience from world renowned whitewater leadership. Want explore more challenging Pucon whitewater and potentially later get paid to instruct? Anyone that wants to get their foot in the door with PKRAMA for future employment or negotiate a co-op work exchange.


  • ACA L4 Whitewater Kayak Instructor Certification (Value $US800).
  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification (Value $US400).
  • Week of Rivers JAN 4 – 11 (Value $US1995).
  • Kitchen management and culinary arts training (Value $US1995).
  • Pucon Classics II to III+, JAN 18 – 25 (Value $US1995).
  • Pucon Classics III+ to IV+, JAN 25 – FEB 1 (Value $US1995).
  • Pucon Classics II+ to III+, FEB 1 – 8 (Value $US1995).


What will you learn and do in Chile?

Component 1 – ACA Level 4 Kayak Instructor Training Certification Course (Value $US800)

Our Instructor Training Course is designed to prepare you with the professional skills needed to teach whitewater kayaking for fun or for profit. Whitewater kayak instructor training will certify participants for Level 4 ACA Kayak or Canoe Instructor. We are affiliated with several international kayak schools and help each student gain employment opportunities.
KAYAKING NOTE. Yes!!! You will go kayaking daily after classes.

Component 2 – Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification Course (Value $US400) 

This intensive AWFA course provides in-depth information on medical and environmental emergencies alongside hands-on practice of backcountry first aid skills. Students learn both in the classroom and in the mountains, trails, and streams at NOC’s Nantahala River campus. With an emphasis on leadership, students learn to confidently take control of medical situations. Over 4-days students learn patient assessment, injury management and other necessary outdoor skills. This course includes American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) CPR and AED certification.
KAYAKING NOTE. Yes!!! You will go kayaking daily after classes.

Component 3 – Culinary Skills for a Lifetime 

Catering, buffets, & fireside cooking; Buffet planning & production; Sanitation & production. Students will receive culinary training from culinary professionals. Week three commences with kitchen staff and culinary student training with an intense week of menu planning, budgeting, food shops, buffet and food presentation, experimental meal prep amongst staff, and sanitation procedures. These are culinary skills you will keep with you for a life time. You’ll balance half day kitchen training with daily kayak training and progressions.

Component 4 – Kayak Instruction, Training & Trips

Kayak Instruction & Training. Kayakers continue to progress kayak goals as you master the art of teaching whitewater from a philosophical point of view. The cool part is that Chile has the world’s best development features right in our back yard. And we’ve got really great instructors modeling proven techniques. As your instructional prowess improves so will your personal kayak skills. Whether you want to learn to run your first waterfall, master the ear-dip, or figure out the timing of a boof to stomp we’ll teach you the techniques. There is plenty of time and rapids to challenge your own skills and we’ll make certain you get daily opportunities. It’s up to you to go kayak, kayak, kayak.

Week of Rivers II to IV+, JAN 4 – 11 (Value $US1995).  Your introduction to Chilean whitewater will be as a participant of this trip. You’ll meet with instructors to discuss your personal kayak goals and receive progression coaching.
Learn to Whitewater Kayak, JAN 18 – 25 (Value $US1995). Your second kayak trip week will immerse you in the world of developing beginner kayakers into confident whitewater explorers developing fundamental skills that keep them wanting to learn more.
Pucon Classics III+ to IV+, JAN 25 – FEB 1 (Value $US1995). Your third kayak trip week will give you the opportunity to paddle and work with advanced kayakers running rivers, waterfalls, and creeks. You’ve come full circle and will contribute to the art of how to get the best out of kayakers in more extreme whitewater situations.

Component 5 – Leadership & Trip Logistics

Road Trip Logistics, FEB 1 – 8 (Value $US1995).  During this week you get to plan your own 3 day kayak road trip learning budgeting and international logistics planning. As part of your program you will plan an in-country road trip. Where will you go? How will you research levels? Where will you stay? How much will your transportation cost? Can you stick to a budget? We’ll make sure you know how. For many this is the best holiday highlight.

Component 6 Culinary Final Project

Yes, you will have a final project, but it may be the coolest final project of your life. You will have to plan menu & recipe, shop, execute, and present a final menu meal as a team project. What will you produce?Past students have produced some seriously impressive and delicious menu meals. Hmmm… we are as excited as you. Oh yea. Kayakers will have a slower more relaxing week of kayaking.