• River Suite (couples)/per – $2,595.00
  • Hosteria Cabina (3 singles)/per – $2,295.00
  • River Cabina (couples)/per – $2,195.00
  • Hosteria Cabina (couples or 3)/per – $2,295.00
  • Hosteria Cabina (sleeps 6)/per – $2,295.00
  • Geo Dome (couples)/per – $2,195.00
  • Private Dorm (couples)/per – $2,095.00
  • Shared Dorm – $1,995.00
  • Camping (gear not included)/per – $1,795.00

Dates DEC 28 - JAN 4

Who Should Go (III+ to IV+): Rob Tosatto Invitation Only.

Deposit: $600

Arrival City: Temuco Airport (ZCO), DEC 28 (11 AM to 5 PM *included in cost)

Departure City: Temuco (ZCO), JAN 4 (11 AM to 5 PM *included in cost)

KAYAKER Centered Progressions: Individual progression will focus on the art of kayak flight, aerial performance, protection and safety positioning, controlling angle of pierce, angle of boof, edging and dipping, stomping, decision making, and media will utilize world class features as our stomping waters.

Best Boof for Your Buck: Make the most of your Chile airfare and explore more of Pucon's wonders on or off the river. A. $200 DISCOUNT MULTISPORT PUCON. Want to see more of what Pucon has to offer off the river? Wine tasting, hot springs, canyoneering, horse rides, volcano, glaciers, mountain back, tandem paraglide over the lake... B. Private Customized Kayak Instruction. Want to continue upping your kayak game? Let us help develop your skills and explore more rivers. You'll be glad you did.

Contact Us About This Trip

CUSTOM TOSATTO & FRIENDS. Pucon Creek Week (III+ to IV+)

December 28, 2019 - January 4, 2020

Want a custom trip for your group? Email David@puconkayakhostel.com or call +1-828-788-5135. Custom groups require a minimum number of guests to fulfill infrastructure requirements.


This custom program is based off the Pucon Creek Week (III+ to IV+) itinerary with the flexibility to adjust the program to Tosatto and Friends specific river destinations and multi-adventure activities requests. Due to timing it is less likely that runs like the Nevados will flow. Although, other IV+ runs open up, such as the Upper Fuy and the Pucon Classics listings of rivers. It is expected that this river trip will become a hybrid of the Pucon Creek Week and Pucon Classics (III+ to IV+) trips.

If you are part of the Tosatto & Friends Chile Kayak Group then please take the following steps to reserve your trip space and kayak reservation.

Step 1. CLICK  the BOOK TRIP button.

Step 2. Select your level of comfort in accommodation.

Step 3. Select your top two kayak choices. You may write in kayaks not on our list and with advance notice we may be able to purchase that kayak.

Step 4. Select any additional items you may need.

Tosatto & Friends guests qualify for a second trip $200 discount for any add-on trip.


Let’s face it. Experienced kayakers need features to boof. No other place provides more clean features for boofing, stomping, tucking, hucking, charging, and spouting than Pucon. If you really want to charge the stouts at optimal levels then you must come during the peak-season NOV-DEC flows.


This kayaking experience is for experienced kayakers ready to improve skills and test yourself on the best runs of your life. Get remarkable creek coaching, access, transportation, Chile’s best equipment, and run Pucon’s drops safely… +PLUS we’ll feed and lodge you riverside on the Rio Trancura. Think you are too good for the Trancura? Unless, you’re running more than Aniol Serrasolses then… think again. Best pros in the world come right to our base to lap high water Trancura. Fun, challenging, terrifying, awesome… all words we use to describe just our backyard run. +PLUS you can match our backyard laps with any number of day trips.

Daily we will have an agenda to run waterfalls and lap challenging rivers safely. We’ll get you out on the Pucon area’s best runs whether that be laps on the Upper Nevados, a park and huck 10 meter special, high water fun laps on the Trancura, or a road trip to a specialty run like the Rio Blanco 10 meter stout.

Runs may include (pending levels). Salto Blanco; Upper & Lower Trancura; Upper Nevados; Salto Coilaco; Upper Palguin, Middle Palguin, Lower Palguin; Upper Fuy or Lower Fuy; Maichin Canyon; Upper or Lower Puesco; San Pedro, Truful Truful, Nevados…

What’s Included

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers & Dinner
  • Kayak Rental
  • Airport Transfer *per scheduled times
  • Riverside Base & Lodging
  • World’s Best Kayak Instruction
  • Daily River Transports

Not Included

  • 1 to 2 meals out at group chosen cultural, favorite cafe, or travel meal
  • Alcohol

Trip Itinerary (The custom Tosatto & Friends group flexibly adopts the creeking (III+ to IV+) nature of this itinerary. Levels will determine river options. *Normal NOV flows almost guarantee Nevados laps, but late DEC flows are less likely for this particular option.

Day 1 (DEC 28)
Arrival to Temuco (ZCO) before 11 AM to 5 PM.
Boat outfitting and welcome.
Afternoon warmup lap & skills assessment. Welcome to Chile!
Day 2-7  (DEC 29 – JAN 3)
River options depend on various water levels. topping our priority list is, “Nevados while it’s in…” Our classic gem is so good we tend to drop everything to go play on the Nevados many fun features. Based on the group paddling goals and levels we’ll have morning meetings discussing the day’s options. Often, David will go out for early AM coffee and check local levels to give a first hand account of river options.
Day 8 (JAN 4)
AM – Last morning select river laps.
Departure Flights: Temuco Airport (ZCO) scheduled for 11 AM to 5 PM.

Are You Ready to Kayak Pucon Chile?

Pucon Creeking is an intense place. Access requires hot hiking typically about an hour before or after your section. It’s a best idea if you come to Chile in shape with your hiking legs ready. Passing and lifting kayaks, strenuous hiking into and out of canyons, and water dehydrating hikes are a mandatory part of the trip. On the water… that is both the fun and easy part.

We recommend before your trip that you kayak often, are part of a normal hiking or workout routine, and who couldn’t lose some weight? Workouts like Crossfit… we love them. Yes, get in shape it will help your confidence as you paddle too.

Want to speak to a real person? David@PuconKayakHostel.com or +1-828-788-5135