• River Suite w/En Suite Bathroom – $1,495.00
  • Hosteria Cabina w/En Suite Bathroom (sleeps 3) – $1,355.00
  • River Cabina Open Air Riverside Wall – $1,295.00
  • Hosteria Cabina w/En Suite Bathroom (sleeps couples or 3) – $1,355.00
  • Hosteria Cabina w/En Suite Bathroom (6 per) – $1,355.00
  • Geodesic Dome (couples or small groups) – $1,295.00
  • Camping – $1,140.00
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WED to SAT Pre-Trip Extension

Package Dates


WED to SAT Trip Extension is For…

  • Guests wanting to trip extend for just a few days.
  • Guests with logistics that align prior to a SAT to SAT trip.
  • Guests that want a warmer upper prior to their regular trip.
Javier lands a trout before breakfast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What trip extensions do you offer? 

PKR offers SAT to SAT trip extensions with a $200 DISCOUNT; SAT to WED and WED to SAT trip extensions (half-week trips do not include discount).

“Are there discounts for WED to SAT or SAT to WED trip extensions?” 

As a goal the retreat established that our quality of services is keenly focused on week long trip guest services and best in industry instruction.

“Why do you offer half-week trip extensions?” 

Half-week trip extensions are a solution offered to guests that want to enjoy the community, river, and instructional benefits of the retreat but do not have a full week to make a reservation.

“Do you offer custom trip extensions on dates other than SAT and WED?”

There are logistical challenges and inefficiencies with guests arriving throughout the week. We also understand that guests have a variety of personal logistics too. Custom extensions may be approved and organized per request. Customized trips and dates have an additional 15% charge to cover additional employee scheduling, transfer fees, vehicle needs, and administration.

What will I do during a trip extension?” 

Trip extensions depend upon the specific trip and person. Your trip extension will be aligned with your adventure skill set and often you will receive personalized instruction or destinations you have not yet explored.

“Can we explore adventures other than kayaking during a trip extension?”

Because trip extensions are often more individualized your instructor can accommodate to your requests. For example, often after a regular trip a guest may want to explore an alternative adventure such as the hot springs, a local trek, horse back riding, mountain biking… Pucon offers practically a wide variety of outdoor adventures.

“Are Wednesday airport transfers included in the cost?”

No. Because we operate adventure trips on Wednesdays we do not have proper vehicle assets for mid-week airport transfers. Guests may schedule a non-Saturday arrival or departure for $US140. Or we can teach you how to do the Temuco to Pucon transfer service for about $US30.




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