• River Suite + Fuy Cabin – $2,895.00
  • Retreat Hosteria + Fuy Cabin – $2,695.00
  • Retreat Hosteria + Fuy Hospedaje – $2,495.00
  • Retreat Camping + Fuy Hospedaje – $2,195.00

Dates FEB 15 - 22

Who Should Go (III+ to IV+): Kayakers with solid whitewater experience seeking world class river running, creeking, and waterfall experiences.

KAYAKER Centric Progressions: Individual progression will focus on the art of kayak flight, safety protocol, aerial technique, protection and safety positioning, controlling angle of pierce, angle of boof, edging and dipping, stomping, decision making, and media will utilize world class features as our stomping waters.


ARRIVAL TIMES: Temuco Airport (ZCO), FEB 15 (11 AM to 5 PM)

DEPARTURE TIMES: Temuco Airport (ZCO), FEB 22 (11 AM to 5 PM)

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NEW! Middle Fuy +PLUS Pucon (IV to V)

February 15 - 22, 2020

Learn more. David@PuconKayakHostel.com or tel:+18287885135.

Middle Fuy +PLUS Pucon

Kayaking Chile’s Middle Fuy +PLUS Pucon.

Kayak the world’s cleanest 50-footer nestled into Chile’s Middle Fuy basalt canyon. This trip gives advanced kayakers guaranteed waterfalls, creeking, and river running experiences in both the Fuy and Pucon Valleys during the low water months of kayaking. How? Because the Middle Fuy’s glacial melt guarantees the perfect manageable low-water levels safe for the Middle canyon. This Pucon Chile kayak trip starts with a river running warmer upper to hone your boof and waterfall skills in Pucon. Then you will kayak 3 days/2 nights at the Middle Fuy. Remainder kayaking is at our Pucon Kayak Retreat base. Read more.

Kayaking Middle Fuy’s 50 Footer.

After portaging the rapid series above the 50 footer, you’ll scout your line and the team will review media and safety protocol. There are two seal launches to the eddy above 50 footer, 20 footer and 4 footer. The approach is in a left bend, the river has a large rolling tongue that lands on a soft pillow of foam with a giant eddy for rescue. There are two approaches we recommend and numerous methods to protect your body and style the drop. This will be cause for discussion and instruction all week. Pucon Kayak Retreat has been leading the Middle Fuy at low water levels programs for over a decade. There is a hike in/out option. For those that must portage there is a scary log crossing that rarely is used. While more intimidating we believe the waterfall is easier and safer than the rapids. Kayakers should be confident enough to run both and consider the 50 footer as a mandatory part of the trip.

Kayaking Chile’s Middle Fuy (III+ to V).

When the water is too high for the Upper-Middle Canyon we can hike into to the canyon below the 50 footer. This section is absolutely stunning, and fast paced at big water. Lots of boofs and too many holes and pour overs to mention.

Is the Middle Fuy safe?

Local expert kayakers understand there is a huge difference between high and low Fuy levels. High Fuy levels are BIG. By late February Lago Neltume no longer supplies water to the Upper Fuy canyon. While, the warm water Upper Fuy becomes bone dry the Middle Fuy maintains a cold water flow from two glacial creek feeders. The reduced flow is a game changer making for playful late season low-water Middle Fuy levels. It’s awesome as eddies, boofs, and pour overs transition from terrifying to fun. The rapids are still fast but now have breather eddies and pools. And of course, the +PLUS is the 50 footer is the kayaker ride of a lifetime worth celebrating.

Will we kayak Chile’s Upper Fuy (III to IV+)?

It is unlikely. When the Upper Fuy is in that tends to mean the Middle Fuy is too high for our trips. Vice versa Middle Fuy good to go and Upper is too low. The Exception. There is a small window where the Upper Fuy is on the low end and the Middle Fuy is good allowing us to run both. Wahoo.

About the Fuy Area

It’s like a real-world Ewok fantasy land. We’re serious, the tree hotel is nothing short of a giant Ewok architected hotel. Every advanced kayaker that comes to Pucon makes the day trip to the Rio Fuy. But few realize to stay multiple day, and just how great the short lived Rio Fuy is. Lago Neltume is a narrow lake collecting annual glacial melt guaranteeing even the lowest of water levels class III to IV creeking. Within 12 miles the Fuy makes it’s way through a handful of canyons and three river sections before it drains into Lago Neltume.

Whitewater Kayaking Pucon Rivers

We’ll warm up with our local Pucon runs primarily on the Trancura and Palguin sections. We’ll mix Upper Trancura, Upper Palguin, and other local river laps as a warmer upper for your Fuy road trip.

Want to speak to a real person? David@PuconKayakHostel.com or +1-828-788-5135.