• River Suite (couples)/per – $2,695.00
  • Hosteria Cabin A (pp dbl occ) – $2,395.00
  • Hosteria Cabin C (Sleeps 5 to 6; pp dbl occ/room) – $2,395.00
  • Geodesic Dome (pp dbl occ) – $2,395.00
  • Shared Dorm – $2,195.00
  • Camp – $1,995.00

Dates NOV 28 - DEC 5

Who Should Go (III+ to V): Solid whitewater experience seeking world class river running, creeking, and waterfall experiences.

Deposit: FREE during COVID Restrictions

Arrival City: Temuco Airport (ZCO), NOV 28 (11 AM to 5 PM)

Departure City: Temuco (ZCO), DEC 5 (11 AM to 5 PM)

KAYAKER Centered Progressions: Art of kayak flight, protection and safety positioning, controlling angle of pierce, angle of boof, edging and dipping, stomping, decision making, and media utilize world class features as our stomping waters.

ADD a second Trip DISCOUNT: We've aligned the Claro +PLUS Nuble NOV 21 - 27 trip with the Pucon Creek Week. Now kayakers can do Chile's best two weeks of kayaking possible with a $200 DISCOUNT on your second trip.

Contact Us About This Trip

POPULAR. Pucon Creek Week (Expert Kayakers)

November 28 - December 5, 2020

POPULAR Second Trip DISCOUNT. ADD  the Claro +PLUS Nuble to your trip, NOV 21 – 27. Logistics help- David@PuconKayakHostel.com.

Pucón Creek Week is quickly becoming as popular as our flagship Claro +PLUS trips. Why? Pucón creeking and rivers are more diverse offering a wider range of experiences, features, and learning opportunities. Basing at our Trancura riverside base kayakers have plush kayaker comforts and backyard rivers. This is as good as kayaking gets. Logistically, we’ve done our homework so guests can ride with us from Claro +PLUS Nuble direct to Pucón Kayak Retreat.


Let’s face it. Experienced kayakers need features to boof. Pucón surrounded by Andean peaks and multiple volcano drainages provides the world’s best clean features for boofing, stomping, tucking, hucking, charging, and spouting. If you really want to charge the stouts at optimal levels then you must come during the peak-season, NOV-DEC flows.


Pucón Creek Week is for experienced kayakers ready to improve and test skills on the best runs of your life. Get remarkable creek coaching, access, transportation, Chile’s best equipment, and run Pucon’s drops safely… +PLUS we’ll feed and lodge you riverside on the Rio Trancura. Fun. Challenging. Terrifying. Awesome. All words describing ust our backyard Trancura laps. +PLUS Trancura laps are so convenient that they are great to match with a local park and huck. But only if you live at our riverside base.

Daily we will have an agenda to run waterfalls and lap challenging rivers safely. We’ll get you out on the Pucón’s best runs whether that be laps on the Upper Nevados, a park and huck 10 meter special, high water fun laps on the Trancura, or a road trip to a specialty run like the Rio Blanco 10 meter stout.

Runs may include. Salto Blanco; Upper & Lower Trancura; Upper Nevados; Salto Coilaco; Upper, Middle, Lower Palguins; Upper or Lower Fuy; Maichin Canyon; Upper or Lower Puesco; and more options than you can run in one week.

What’s Included

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Appetizers & Dinner
  • Kayak Rental
  • Airport Transfer *per scheduled times
  • Riverside Base & Lodging
  • World’s Best Kayak Instruction
  • Daily River Transports

Not Included

  • 2 meals out at group chosen cultural, favorite cafe, or travel meal
  • Alcohol

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 (NOV 28)
Arrival to Temuco (ZCO) before 11 AM to 5 PM.
Boat outfitting and welcome.
Afternoon warmup lap & skills assessment. Welcome to Chile!
Day 2-7  (NOV 29 – DEC 4)
River options depend on various water levels. Topping our priority list is, “Nevados while it’s in…” Our classic gem is so good we tend to drop everything to go play on the Nevado’s canyon of boof fest, slides, and three 20 foot high waterfalls. Based on the group paddling goals and levels we’ll have morning discussions the day’s options, safety protocol, and techniques.
Day 8 (DEC 5)
AM – Last morning select river laps.
Departure Flights: Temuco Airport (ZCO) scheduled for 11 AM to 5 PM.

Are You Ready to Kayak Pucón Chile?

Before your trip set goals to raise your confidence and get the most from your trip.

A. Kayak often and improve your game.

B.  Create a normal hiking or workout routine. Who couldn’t lose some weight? Workouts like Crossfit… we love them. Yes, get in shape it will help your confidence as you paddle too.

Want to speak to a real person? David@PuconKayakHostel.com or +1-828-788-5135