Pucon is the land of rivers, lakes, volcanoes, and mountains. Glacial melt and high precipitation ensure rivers run run year-round. With access to an abundance of rivers in what is arguably one of the best destinations for whitewater kayakers of all ability levels on the planet — it would be wrong of us not to share.

When you arrive to Pucon it’s impossible to not be impressed by the surrounding landscape. A trip with PKH is not just a river run, it’s a day of exploration, challenges and laughter, failures and triumphs, and celebration. Our instructors are enthusiastic to get on the water, challenge your skills, reveal secret spots, and share our magnificent rivers with you.  Interested in joining us on a river trip? EMAIL info@puconkayakhostel.com. 


PKH River Trips in Chile

Professional Development Industry Ready Certifications + Kayak Trips (III, IV & IV+) – WHAT? Yeah. We decided to offer half day certification courses followed the rest of the day with intensive kayaking. Heck. We’re all A.D.D. kayakers anyway. It’s the perfect balance of class hours and kayaking, kayaking. kayaking. Courses include: 

  • Advanced Wilderness First Aid Certification
  • Swiftwater Rescue Tech 3 Certification
  • ACA Kayaker Instructor Certification 
  • Badass Kayaker Certification 

Teacups +PLUS (IV to IV+) – For advanced kayakers seeking the waterfall and river canyon experience of a lifetime. 57 million years of waterflow have polished and milled a basalt chasm into the world’s best waterfall anomaly. Explore Chile’s best whitewater road trip. 

Pucon Classics (II, III, and IV) – One of the most congested whitewater regions in the world flows off the Andes volcanic slopes into our backyard Rio Trancura. Daily kayakers will be coached on 2 half day sections of river or one full day river adventure. Exploring a multitude of rivers with development features as great as our staff make this the perfect kayaker development experience. 

Road to Futa (III to IV+) – Each end of February the Futa beckons to South American bound kayakers. Those lucky enough make the beautiful trip through Chile’s Parque Nacional Pumalin passing fjords, glaciers and volcanos. We’ll base right on the river in the heart of the Bridge to Bridge section. It’s so fun it’s addictive. Afternoons are filled with games, stories and toasts around the fire.

Custom Trips – Most custom trips are designed by request for those seeking a specific trip often in the off-season. Or they prefer private coaching. Email us and we’ll see if we can help you plan your trip. 


Interested in joining us on a river trip? EMAIL info@puconkayakhostel.com.