Meet some of your happy instructional team – Tino Specht, Casey Jones, Eli Castleberry and David Hughes.

When PKH partnered with NOC (world’s largest kayak school) I thought the biggest asset would be the increased bookings. I was wrong. The biggest asset was their instructors. I hear it in feedback circles from our guests daily how great their instruction and river experiences are. I’m calling it our attract “the Best People” model and desire to grow attracting “the Best People” to each division of PKH. – David Hughes, PKH Owner 

This class III high speed eddy pierce feature we call Tinkerbell – land of ferries. Tinkerbell illustrates kayakers ability to hold a ferry pierce or spin out.

PKH owner David Hughes has a outliar history in kayaking and education in that he started a high school for kayakers that produced multiple world champions and Olympians. David has a few rules for PKH instructional programs. First, he believes “Guiding” is a bad word I prefer to call our instructors coaches, mentors, friends, or instructors but not guides. Anyone kayaker can lead a group into dangers or bad situations. 

“Kayakers are not coming here to follow you down the river. Your experience as an educated instructor has value. Let’s learn how to coach, how to motivate, how to observe and assess kayakers. Is the kayaker timid and scared and need confidence building. Or is this a kayaker that seeks to be challenged on safe sections. Then what can you offer? What skills can you articulate…” 

PKH Professional Kayak Instruction GUARANTEE 

  • Investing in a PKH trip is more… It is safety, photos and videos, bonding, instruction and laughter, great food…
    NOC hand picks their top instructors to work their annual dream Chile winters. Meaning PKH starts with the best of the best of experienced instructors. 
  • PKH sets instructional protocols of daily class room instruction lessons including video and photo review and specific fundamentals instruction related to your skill levels. 
  • PKH instructors are required to teach and practice daily warm up drills that when mastered GUARANTEE kayakers will progress to the next level of skills. 
  • PKH instructors are trained to teach a Progressive Instructional Style. Meaning instructors assess your skills and teach you the fundamentals you need to master today with the goal of what you will progress to in the big picture a year from now. 
  • ULTIMATELY – Kayakers depart PKH trips with new knowledge and tools to develop and continue improving. 

You have the best people. Your kayak instructors were amazing. I’m surprised by how much I improved… – Dee Philips, Maryland

I was shocked by how much confidence I had when I got back to my home rivers. I continued improving and just felt great on my home runs. I was like… when is the next trip. – Lee Martin, Georgia 


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