In the whitewater world learning to kayak in Pucon is like skiing Aspen or snorkeling the bahamas. The rivers features are equally matched by our instructor’s enthusiasm to teach and get on the water.  

Kayak Instructional Courses 

  • Beginner Rolls and Rivers (II) – An entry level course that takes boaters first to Lago Caburgua for rolling lessons. The day continues with running a whitewater river section. There are several options for various levels. 
  • Hot Springs Rolling and Strokes – When it’s cold we get excited to warm up in the nearby Liucura naturally heated pools and hot springs. Warm your core in the hot baths then hop in your kayak in the warmed pools. You’ll be playing in your kayak and enjoying a Chile day even if the weather is bad. 
  • Intermediate River Running Coaching and Safety (III to III +) – Ready to run rivers but need a warmer upper on your skills. Plus, you’d feel more comfortable with someone that knows the river. 
  • Waterfall and River Running (III+ to IV+) – Got a boof, solid paddling, ready to hit some waterfalls and creeks but don’t know the runs? Let us guide you. 



Pucon Kayak Hostel employs the top professional instructors from the Nantahala Outdoor Center, Pucon’s local Universidad de la Frontera, and Patagonia Study Abroad. Instructors are certified in ACA Level 4 Kayak Instruction, AWFA or WFR, and Swift Water Rescue Tech 3.


As importantly, instructors are trained to offer more than teaching. They are trained to coach. And to be a master coach you really need experience and a mastery knowledge of progressions. Kayakers will be coached on the current skills they need to master to progress. As well, instructors are taught how to illustrate the next progressions so that kayakers can continue their improvements months after they depart Chile.


Accomplishments include coaching international champions, first time waterfall runs, kayakers being thrilled to stick combat rolls in class III, and first timers notching their first runs. But for the most part the instructors really know how to have a good time and get kayakers to relax and enjoy Chile’s wonderful rivers.