It seems every kayaker and adventurist in Chile has to solve the transportation challenge. Pucon Kayak Hostel invests in a fleet of 4 wheel drive off road terrain vehicles well serviced with quality tires and racks to keep you on the river. 

Local Pucon River Shuttles

“We don’t normally pick up hitch hikers… but I’m going to go with my instincts on this one. Saddle up partner.”

Many kayakers show up to Pucon Kayak Hostel simply because they desire to get on the river and have been stuck without transportation. Shuttle services solve a serious kayaker stressor – getting on the water. With PKH’s remarkable location as the take out for the Upper Trancura and put in for the Lower Trancura living within the PKH community is the easiest way to get on the water. 

Local River Shuttle Prices

  • Upper Trancura Shuttle, $12.
  • Lower Trancura Shuttle, $12.
  • Liucura Shuttle, $12 each way. 
  • Upper Palguin Shuttle, requires guided trip. 

Area Shuttles 

We’re not seeking to be in the taxi business. But for convenience to our clients we match taxi rates for area shuttles. 

  • Temuco Airport Shuttle, $120USD.
  • Pucon Bus Station and area, $14USD. 
  • Hot springs, hikes, and other areas based upon request. 

Prefer to do it yourself. Rent one of our vehicles with kayak rack. 

  • Dodge Durango 4 por 4, 8 seats, $120USD/day.
  • Nissan Terrano 4 por 4, 5 seats, $85 USD/day. 
  • Nissan Terrano 2 por 4, 5 seats, $80 USD/day.