Pucon Kayak Hostel is a short 600 peso ($1 USD) bus ride from Pucon to the Trancura River. So if you want to tumble home from the disco, this is not your campground. But perhaps you are looking for something a little quieter. More secure. Gorgeous. If that sounds right, then Pucon Kayak Hostel camping is your destination. Pucon is a tough place to camp. Travelers looking to save money may opt to stay closer to town, but campgrounds within walking distance to Pucon can be crowded, loud, and exposed.

Pucon Kayak Hostel offers a peaceful refuge down by the river along with some of the best camping facilities in the area. Like all guests at Pucon Kayak Hostel, our campers have access to all shared amenities and resources – which includes a large treehouse shower (with warm water!), an authentic Chilean quincho (serving lunch & dinner daily), laundry services, a shared workspace/studio in our eco-dome, and a community of travelers and adventure tourists from all over the world. This is the best place to camp in Pucon. 


Our first treehouse shower was so popular that we built two more.

“It’s the best shower I ever took. Seb and I wanted to avoid the loud Pucon camping. This place was better than we expected. For this reason we stayed an extra three nights until the end of our trip. We’ll be back.” – Sharon O’Sullivan, United Kingdom

Have you taken a treehouse shower?


  • Camp next to the calming sounds of the river instead of the 4 am thump of Pucon nightlife.
  • Access to bath house.
  • Access to communal quincho for cooking and food storage.
  • Riverside access.
Campers can choose anywhere on the property to pitch their tents. There are several designated spots with small stones laid for comfort. What else? Email us with questions or make your reservation today.