Private dorm room is idea for couples or two persons on a budget. Get a private room for a little less…

The treehouse dormitorio represents our desire to preserve the native forest. Early in the development of Pucon Kayak Hostel we pushed a shipping container into a strategic location between the forest trees. In order to create new economical lodging for travelers instead of cutting down the indigenous plants and trees  – we preserved our best asset and constructed over, around, and in between the forest. The result is a building that has the benefits of the surrounding forests – cool summer breeze, forest shade, and the feel of the indigenous plants and animals. 

Most young travelers are primarily attracted to an economical price point that gets the job done. In other words a good bed. Additionally, reserving a dorm bed gets nomads access to all PKH property amenities. 

  • Treehouse outdoor shower. A hot shower amongst the native flora with elevated protective walls for privacy… heaven. 
  • 6 nearby private bathrooms. 
  • Access to the movie / yoga dome. 
  • Quincho and river camp kitchen.
  • River Access +PLUS trails. 
  • PKH Community. 


Private Dorm for Couples or Two Persons

The private dorm has a double bed with a single bunk above making it idea for 2 persons or couples whom prefer to save a little money over our other couples spaces. The overhead bunk often is used toss your extra gear like backpacks and clothes. 

  • Idea for couples or two persons whom prefer privacy at economical rate.

Shared Dorm Rooms

Shared dorms have murals representing the local waterfalls, flora y fauna.

Shared dorm rooms offer economical beds in central location. Rooms include large locally crafted wood storage lockers. Schools and groups are most often

  • Idea for schools & groups that most often secure their own private groups dorm rooms. 
  • Idea for nomadic travelers on a budget.