The hosteria is the main building at Pucon Kayak Hostel where three separate hosteria rooms of different sizes adjoin our main reception office. Each hosteria room has its own full bathroom and a separate, private entrance. The first two hosteria rooms are perfect for a couple, small family, or group of three. The third hosteria room is a larger ‘suite’ that includes a small kitchenette and dining area and can comfortably sleep 6. The hosteria is the center of activity at PKH, which makes it a natural meeting spot for activities and lessons. Do you want to hike the volcano? Learn to kayak? Stand Up Paddle Board in a river or lake with the family? Soak in the hot springs? Hike to one of our favorite swimming holes and cliff jump? Ask us for an adventure package today and save on your hosteria lodging.

Hosteria Oslo (#9)

Hosteria Oslo is a cozy room with two single beds, a double matrimonial bed, and a private bathroom. It is perfect for couples, small groups, or families. 

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Hosteria Salto (#10)

Hosteria Salto has 3 single beds and a private bathroom. It is perfect for individuals, couples, or small groups.

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Hosteria Zeta (#11)

Hosteria Zeta is a suite that sleeps 6. It includes 3 separate bedrooms and a private bathroom. It is perfect for large families or groups.

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