Suite Dreams. $US150/night or 97,000 pesos

Your bed has a view of the whitewater flowing outside the open French doors. You’ll sleep like a baby. Suite dreams.

The Rio Suites are our luxury riverside accommodations featuring en suite bathrooms, a cozy comfy bed, unique eco-friendly architecture, artistic designs, and deck overlooking river. The design was built around the concept of providing an open-air sleeping experience. The French doors were the center piece solution that allows you to sleep at night experiencing the cool Rio Trancura breeze and sounds lulling you to sleep.

“Last night I dreamt I was in a fancy hotel. I woke to see the river all cozied up in my bed. It was amazing.” – Ashley Scanlan, Owner Rivers, Oceans & Mountains Adventures Inc.

The Rio Suites represent the proud future of PKH’s development into a premium lodging and trips destination. The Rio Trancura property is spectacular and it is appropriate to match one of a kind luxury living experiences to one of Pucon’s greatest attractions.