Pucon Kayak Retreat Guest Value.

Volcanos, waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, rivers, and lagunas, oh my!

The retreat’s guest values are best summed up by the fireside stories you’ll share toasting a copa de vino tinto at dinner, snuggling up in your riverside suite, or describing to your friends your Chile adventures.  It’s the retreat promise that when there are so many Pucon activities who knows what to trust, and what not to trust? We do. We’ve scouted the best canyons, guides, vistas, pilots, hot springs, cuisine, agencies, hikes, sommeliers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, rivers, and activities to make your experience, well… priceless.

Pucon glacier
Fire (volcano) & Ice (glacier) trek enjoys vistas of three volcanos and the glacial cave. Our favorite gem hike.

“This is what you worked for.”

Pucon Kayak Retreat adds that, “This is what we work hard for, this is as good as life gets.” feel to your daily activities. Our seemingly hedonist band of entertainers celebrate your adventures with fireside stories of epic and memorable experiences. Laughter, cheers, and photos flow around the warmness of your company. Let us take care of the details, and you focus on escaping for a week of Chilean greatness.

“We don’t want extreme but want to have fun on our vacation.” 

We know. Each night we’ll access how you feel, and present the activity options based on your preferences. We mix in relaxing activities amongst adventure accomplishments for a balance of energy and stimulation. Most guests have a couple of must requests such as horse-back riding, and ask us for best recommendations prior to their trip.

What are the most popular and best Pucon activities?

Pucon’s most famous attraction is to hike Volcan Villarrica which is an intense full day tourist trek. But our guests often prefer the more obscure off the beaten tourist line path.

  • MOST POPULAR. Canyoneering basalt waterfall Rio Nevados canyon.
  • Fire (Volcano) and Ice (Glacier) hike in a National Park (medium intensity).
  • Swimming holes and lagunas along a volcano. Hot days are idea to cool off in these clear water pools on Volcan Villarrica’s Rio Turbio.
  • Hike in one of Pucon’s national parks to a cascade or remarkable vistas. Too many to list (mellow to high intensity).
  • Chilean wine tasting and history with asado.
  • Pucon’s BEST VISTAS. Many otherwise timid guests are surprised how much they enjoy tandem paragliding behind a boat over Lago Villarrica.  
  • Whitewater raft or kayak Rio San Pedro or Trancura.  
  • Custom private heli or plane tour.
  • Other popular trips: horseback riding and downhill mountain biking also top our guests lists of Pucon favorite activities; Via Ferratta (anchored ladder system, medium intensity) climbs to a volcano-side cliff to summit, and hike to fantasy like laguna; fly fishing.

Who leads the Pucon multi-adventure trips?

PKR co-works with reliable partners for niche activities, and of course our guides co-lead adventure trips to ensure service quality. PKR guests are hosted throughout the day by our own professional team of guides and hosts. PKR selects the most professional, personable, and reliable partners with a flair for customer centric service.

How do we know which trips are best?

That’s the fun part, we go explore various trips. We’ll give you a honest representation of the options of activities for your preference. Often, guests will pre-request a couple of activities they really want to try. Then prefer to hear about the history and details of the various options available. It’s your personalized trip to adventure and relaxation.

How long do the activities take?

Some are full day and others take as little as 90 minutes. Shorter activities are paired with other activities such as relaxing afterwards with ice cream, a brewery, coffee shop, appetizers or deserts, short hikes, beach lounging…