Everyone in Chile knows PKH maintains the highest quality equipment and trips keeping kayakers on the river versus on the rocks. PKH invests thousands annually to ship the newest kayak designs to Chile offering kayakers over 50 boats to choose from. This is your big trip. You are going to want reliable equipment.

Kayak Rent Tip – during peak-season good kayaks can be hard to find. To get the kayak you desire reserve your kayak early.


Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUP)

We chose NRS Big Earl inflatable SUP boards designed for white water and lake paddling. Big Earls are fast, have excellent stability for learning, and are designed to not break in white water. An inflatable board keeps adventurists from hurting their knees when falling or hopping down to their knees in the midst of rapids. The added stability makes for a great day of fun on the water weather you are with family or friends.


Adventure Equipment Rentals

Stand Up Paddle Board + Gear Kit

Stand Up Paddle Board

SUP Paddle

Kayak Paddle

Wet Suit 

Life Jackets

Throw Ropes

Splash Jacket

Fishing Rod

Ducky/Inflatable 2 Person Kayak


Camping Rentals


Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad




Dry Bags