PKH invests thousands annually to keep offer kayakers the latest and greatest kayak designs.

Pucon Chile’s Best Whitewater Kayak Rental Fleet

Dagger Kayaks 

Mamba 7.6
Mamba 7.6 
Mamba 8.1
Mamba 8.1
Mamba 8.6
Mamba 8.6 
Mamba 8.6 (FOR SALE)
Mamba 8.6 (FOR SALE)
Nomad S 
Nomad M
Nomad L

Jackson Kayak

Zen S
Zen S
Zen M
Zen L
Karma L 
Little Hero
Rock Star

Choose from South America’s best kayak fleet. This is your trip… rent the best equipment.

Liquid Logic

Flying Squirrel 85
Flying Squirrel 95


9R Med
9R Med
9R Med
9R Med
9R Large
9R Large
9R Large
Burn S
Burn M 


Tuna 2.0


Veloc (S)
Raptor (M)
Toro (M)
Toro (M)
Toro (M)
Director (L) 


RENTAL DISCOUNTS – for groups and extended rentals. Email for discount offers. 


Step 1 – Select your top two choices of preferred kayak. If you desire a kayak not on our list let us know and we may order it for you.  
Step 2 – Email David@puconkayakhostel. com to check availability and price quote. 
Step 3 – David will send you availability confirmation, price quote +PLUS direction how to reserve your kayak with a 25% deposit. Send your deposit and your reservation will be confirmed. 

KAYAK RENTAL DISCOUNTS  – Chile’s best kayak promotions. 

# Kayak Rental Days                     Discount 

10 – 15 Days .                                      SAVE 5%
16 – 20 Days                                        SAVE 10% 
21 – 25 Days                                        SAVE 15%
26 – 30 Days                                        SAVE 20%
31+ Days                                               SAVE 25% 
Multi-month                                        Email

“Should I rent, fly or buy a kayak for my Chile trip?” 

Flying with your kayak – This is only for the pros and now the airlines have made it at best a 30% chance you’ll board with your flight. Add the fact that the excessive baggage cost is often more than your rental cost and it’s a no-brainer to make life easy and rent a kayak. 

Buying a kayak – This is a good option for kayakers staying in Chile for 30 days +PLUS and willing to deal with challenges of selling the kayak. If you are planning an extended trip to Chile PKH will work with you on an extended kayak rental option to help match prices. 

Renting a kayak – PKH makes it easy for kayakers to arrive to Chile and have their kayak choice ready and waiting for you and the rivers. 

What about other Chile kayak schools – You get what you pay for. We’ve seen other companies for kayakers to pay for breaking a 10 year old kayak, arrive to welded kayaks, and even arrive to discover their reserved kayaks were given to other kayakers.  

Reserving  a kayak from Pucon Kayak Hostel is your peace of mind that you’ll arrive to a quality kayak with your name on it. Heck. We even have a protocol to sell any broken or damaged kayak to make certain our guests are always boofing. 

#1 Reason Kayakers Rent from PKH – Quality Reputation and Ease of Reservations.