Is Chile the world’s best destination to learn to kayak? We think so. No kayak experience. Try Standup Paddle boarding, inflatable kayaking, whitewater lessons, or our multi-sport package. Above kayakers learn fundamentals below Volcan Villarrica on the Rio Tolten.

Ready to make a reservation? Call us old fashioned, but we still prefer personal contact with our guests over automation. Here are a few helpful steps for making your reservation:
Step 1 – Research which trip is best for you based on style of rivers, your own skills and time of year you want to be in Chile. Our trips include:

Step 2 – Email to check availability. If trip is open David will send you an application form and deposit request in order to secure your reservation. 
Step 3 – Submit application and deposit. Wahlah. We’ll send you a confirmation email with a Welcome to Chile Packet. 

Trips: Teacups +PLUS (III+, IV, IV+)

$1,200 – $4,500 USD

Twenty years ago a number of kayak outfitters would make the annual road trip to what is one of the world’s most spectacular whitewater canyon anomaly’s. But due to challenging logistics and low bookings companies waned and dropped the Teacups from schedules. Pucon Kayak Hostel enthusiastically embraces Chile’s most renowned waterfall destination in the form of our Teacups +PLUS trip for several reasons.

  • Our staff and guests cherish to kayak, photo and video the Teacups Whitewater Wonder. 
  • Everyone loves a road trip. We found that our nomadic kayakers often enjoy a combo of road trip + Pucon. You can have both. 
  • It’s Chile’s most popular kayaker waterfall destination. Whether you are a class III creeker or Evan Garcia running first descents the Teacups Canyons provide the drops. You provide the strokes. 

Read more Teacups +PLUS, including a day-by-day itinerary.

Trips: Pucon Classics (II, II+, III, IV, IV+)

$1950 – $2,250 USD

Is Pucon the world’s best beginner to intermediate whitewater destination? 

As we got into beginner and intermediate kayak instruction we quickly realized how remarkable Pucon rivers are for development. Surprising to some, the more you think about it the more the Pucon geography and geology make sense for development whitewater. A multitude of rivers drain the Andean mountains and volcanic slopes to holding lakes. And then solar heated the same water flows from lakes to the Pacific. Our backyard rivers provide every development feature imaginable. You provide the strokes.   

  • Hot springs and lakes for both cold and warm day roll and strokes lessons. That’s right! You can learn to roll in hot springs. 
  • Surf waves and ferry features teaching freestyle, combat rolls, and ferry angles.
  • Super aggressive ferry features that will spin out even the most expert kayakers. 
  • Boofs of all sizes idea to help kayakers learn timing of boof and directional strokes. 
  • Calm and aggressive eddy lines used to teach kayakers how to control boat angles when piercing eddy lines. 
  • Rivers with vistas of volcanos in all skill levels from beginner to pro. 
  • And clean waterfalls for those whom want to notch their first real drops. 

Read more Pucon Classics, including a day-by-day itinerary.

Trips: Road to Futa

2018 Prices coming soon.  

2018 Road to Futa updates coming soon.

Read more Road to Futa, including a day-by-day itinerary.

Packages: Rolls & Rivers Learn to Kayak

$150 USD / Day + Lodging

Ready to learn to kayak? Maybe you’ve already started but could use some roll practice or a clinic on fundamentals? Did you know Chile is one of the best places on the planet to learn how to kayak, develop skills, and train? You’ll learn about every aspect of kayaking from one of our expert, certified instructors – who we think are among the best in the world.


  • kayak rental and all the gear you need for each lesson.
  • professional instructor. 
  • transportation.
  • lunch and dinner.

Pucon Adventure Pack: Multi-Day / Multi-Sport Package

$150 USD / Day + Lodging

Not a kayaker but want to experience the Pucon adventure vibe? You may want to choose from our most popular local adventures and have us piece together a multi-day adventure plan for you. We categorized the adventures into full day and half day activities. 

Choose one full day or 2 half day activities: 

  • Fire and Ice (Full Day): Hike to Glaciar Pichillancahue followed by soaking in hot springs just a Andes mountain hop and a skip drive. 
  • River Adventure or Instructional (Half and Full Day): kayak, inflatable kayak, fishing solo paddle raft,  or standup paddle board. 
  • Summit El Cani (Half Day): 360 degree vistas of 3 volcanos, multiple mountain lagunas and creeks, and hike through araucania and monkey puzzle forest. 
  • Lake Adventure and Hot Springs (Full Day): Choose from one of our water sports on Lago Caburgua followed by soaking in nearby natural hot springs. 
  • Hike Volcan Villarrica (Full Day): The number one adventure in Pucon is to hike the towering Villarrica. Super Popular. 
  • Other options (Half and Full Day): trek to Parque Huerquehue, Rio Turbio Hike, fly fishing… 

Included in your three or more action-packed days:

  • Instructor or guide, all the gear you need for each activity,
  • lunch and dinner,
  • and transportation to and from PKH to your adventure destination.

Lodging: Eco-Domes

Welcome to your ‘dome away from home’ – a unique space that is both spacious and intimate, our domes are the ultimate in Pucon glamping. This beautiful eco-friendly dome tucked in the woods is perfect for a couple or small group. There is no private bathroom in the dome, so if that’s one of your requirements, you may want to check out our hosteria rooms.

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Lodging: Hosteria Oslo (#9)

Hosteria Oslo is a cozy room with two single beds, a double matrimonial bed, and a private bathroom. It is perfect for couples, small groups, or families. 

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Lodging: Hosteria Salto (#10)

Hosteria Salto has 3 single beds and a private bathroom. It is perfect for individuals, couples, or small groups.

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Lodging: Hosteria Zeta (#11)

Hosteria Zeta is a suite that sleeps 6. It includes 3 separate bedrooms and a private bathroom. It is perfect for large families or groups.

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Lodging: Gypsy Wagons

Our one-of-a-kind Gypsy Wagons are perfect for travelers who are looking for something private, but don’t need a lot of space. These custom-built mini-cabins sit just above the river, discreetly hidden in the woods and only a short walk from hostel communal spaces and amenities. If you are someone who enjoys camping but likes the idea of having a roof over their head, this may be just what you are looking for.

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Lodging: Domitorio Lago

Welcome to shared hostel life at it’s very best. Dormotorio Lago has 7 single beds and 1 double matrimonial bed and is located in what we affectionately call our ‘treehouse dorms.’ The space includes a bathroom, an exquisite treehouse shower, and of course access to all PKH resources and amenities.

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Lodging: Dormitorio Mar

Dormitorio Mar is a cozy space nestled in the ‘treehouse dorms’ at Pucon Kayak Hostel. This private room features a double matrimonial bed and a single bed, but it is a small room and we recommend a max of two adults.

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Lodging: Dormitorio Rio

Welcome to shared hostel life at it’s very best. Dormotorio Rio has 6 single beds and is located in what we affectionately call our ‘treehouse dorms.’ The space includes a bathroom, an exquisite treehouse shower, and of course access to all PKH resources and amenities.

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Lodging: Camping

Pucon Kayak Hostel offers a peaceful refuge down by the river along with some of the best camping facilities in the area. Like all guests at Pucon Kayak Hostel, our campers have access to all shared amenities and resources – which includes a large treehouse shower (with warm water!), an authentic Chilean quincho (serving lunch & dinner daily), laundry services, a shared workspace/studio in our eco-dome, and a community of travelers and adventure tourists from all over the world. This is the best place to camp in Pucon. 

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Rentals: Kayaks

Proof of our core identity comes from our whitewater kayak fleet of more than 60 kayaks. PKH is proud to keep this fleet constantly rotated and fresh with the industries latest brands and models. We review every single kayak before and after each rental. We check and tighten all the hardware and look for any visible signs of weakness or wear. We immediately replace damaged boats and annually purge boats older than three years to keep our fleet among the best in the business. It is a great feeling to know you will arrive to a quality kayak with updated outfitting, as opposed to a welded or broken boat or outdated model that doesn’t perform well and isn’t comfortable to paddle. So search through our inventory and reserve your top choice today. 

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Rentals: Dodge Durango 4×4 SUV

$160 USD / Day

(2 available)
8 seat SUV, 4 x 4, tow package, luxury model, kayak rack, ac.
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Rentals: Nissan Terrano 4×4

$85 USD / Day

(2 available)
4-Door, 5 Seater, Diesel, Air Conditioning, Kayak Rack
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Rentals: Nissan Terrano 4×2

$80 USD / Day

(1 available)
4-Door, 5 Seater, Diesel, Air Conditioning, Kayak Rack
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Rentals: Multi-Passenger Van

$TBD / Day

(1 available)
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Rentals: Vehicle Trailer

$25 USD / Day

(3 available)
The trailer is idea for larger kayak groups allowing for camping supplies, bags, kayaks and gear to securely ride along on daily trips. Trailers are build in heavy duty fashion to withstand rugged Chilean roads.
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