Getting from Temuco Airport to Pucón:

The airport has multiple transfers from the airport in Temuco to Pucón, for roughly $20.000 CLP. The transfers are shared by other travelers and they are reliable and safe. What they are not is convenient. If you prefer, you can hire a private shuttle by going to the transfer desk inside the airport and asking for transfer to Pucón. Alternately, Pucón Kayak Hostel offers a shuttle service for $120 USD. We will send a driver to meet you at the airport and you will be taken directly to the hostel. This service is based upon availability and must be reserved in advance.

If arriving to Pucón via transfer, you will be dropped off at one of several main bus terminals in town. You will now need to take another bus or taxi to Pucón Kayak Hostel. Don’t worry, this is the easy part. You’re almost there…

Getting from Pucón to Pucón Kayak Hostel by BUS:

Buses in Pucón run every half hour (from 6:00 am – 10:00 pm) and cost roughly $ 600 pesos (around $1 USD). Here are some tips for successfully navigating the bus system.

  1. Across from the Jac Bus Station in Downtown Pucón are buses with the label “Caburgua” on top. These local buses are small (roughly 20 passengers). They run to Caburgua AND Curarrehue. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE RIGHT ONE – TO CABURGUA.

  2. Tell the bus driver you want to stop at “Pucón Kayak Hostel” or “Cabanas Metrenehue” (our next-door neighbor with a much bigger sign) or “Puente Metrenehue” (which translates to the Metrenehue Bridge, which crosses the Rio Trancura).

  3. After about a 10 KM drive, look for a yellow kayak by the gate. If you cross over the Trancura (via Metrenehue Bridge), ask the driver to stop immediately. Get out, walk back across the bridge and take your first left into our property.

Getting from Pucón to Pucón Kayak Hostel by TAXI:

Taxis cost between $10,000 and $15,000 CLP. Make sure you get the taxi driver to quote your price upfront!

  1. Tell the taxi you want to go to “Pucon Kayak Hostel” or “Cabanas Metrenehue” or “Puente Metrenehue”.

  2. Always Always ALWAYS ask the price before you agree and get inside. The going rate should be around $10,000 pesos.

  3. Call David’s Chilean Cell, and if possible, he will come get you or send someone for the same price as a taxi ($10,000 pesos).

Driving to Pucón Kayak Hostel

  1. Drive through Pucón and take the International Highway in the direction of Caburgua.

  2. Pass the roundabout, go a few kilometers, then pass a tiny local airport on your left. Keep going straight.

  3. Approximately 10 KM from Pucón (and 4 KM from the small airport) you will leave the commercial district and enter more

    forested terrain. Just prior to Puente Metrenehue (the bridge that crosses the Trancura River) is a street light, which is a

    good marker at night. Our property is within sight of the bridge, so if you’ve made it that far, you’re super close!

  4. The PKH driveway is JUST before the Rio Trancura bridge (aka “Puente Metrenehue”) on the right. There is a kayak at the gate

    but is not easy to see.

  5. If you cross the Rio Trancura Bridge, you’ve gone slightly too far. Just turn around and take the first driveway to your left

    after your cross BACK OVER the bridge (if you’re standing on the bridge, we are just upstream on river left).

Click Here to Download Directions (PDF File)