Based in the heart of a river, lake and volcano wonderland, you may think our staff was full of hedonists thriving on adrenaline-filled adventure after adventure. And you’d be right. But we only select the best of the best in adrenal-charged outdoor enthusiasts. We look for reliable staff with a strong work ethic. We want you to enjoy working with other members of your team – meaning you may need to help out in any area at any time, so having flexibility and a positive attitude go a really long way. You don’t need to have specialized training in your role, but you do need to deliver some value. Can you are 

Wanna join the team? We have openings for full-time employment and in our part-time work exchange program, as well as two internship opportunities (one from November to January and another from January to March).

Check out the full listings below and email with any questions.



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position announcements coming soon.


position announcements coming soon.