All About Pucon Kayak Hostel

Do I need to make a reservation in advance?
How does transportation work once I arrive in Chile?
What amenities does PKH provide and what do I need to bring?
What kind of food can I expect at PKH?
Where will I keep my belongings?
Are there any activities to do besides kayaking?
Do you have any recommendations for finding cheap airfare to Chile?
Do I need to be able to speak Spanish?
Do I need to bring camping supplies?
Will I have access to electricity?
Is there Internet access?
Will I have access to a washer and dryer or laundry service?
Can I get a Discount? I'm a really good kayaker!
What is the PKH payment schedule & cancellation policy?

All About Kayaking

When is your kayak season?
Should I bring my own kayak or rent one? What about my gear?
What is the PKH policy on broken kayaks or gear?
Who will be our guides?
What safety credentials are required of trip guides?
What is a typical day like on a PKH trip?
What is included in the price of a trip?
What if I am interested in a trip but I want to stay in Chile longer than the trip dates? Can I arrive early or stay late?
Who else will be on a trip?
What if the dates don’t work for me?

All About Chile

What kind of country is Chile?
Can you tell me about Chile’s Climate & Geography?
What weather can I expect?
Why is Chile perfect for kayakers of all ability levels?
What is the transportation like?
How is the healthcare system?
Is Chile safe?
What is the Currency in Chile?
What is the Voltage in Chile?
Do I need a visa to visit Chile?
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