There are 3 regions of Chile on every kayaker’s bucket list. The first is in the north, near the capital of Santiago. This region is home to the infamous Rio Claro, also known as Siete Tazas (or the Clean Waterfall Capital of the World). The next region surrounds Pucón and includes many of the classics we run daily from the hostel: Trancura, Palguin, Nevados, Fuy, San Pedro, Maichin, and many more. The final region is one of the most remote and oft-dreamt about locations in all of kayaking — the legendary Futaleufu, deep in the heart of Patagonia. Sound perfect? It is! But there’s a small catch. Due to weather, driving distance, and complicated logistics – it’s impossible to hit the best rivers in each region during a single two-week trip. So what should you do? Join us on a kayak adventure trip and explore one region at a time! Our trips are designed to optimize weather and ideal water levels for each region. We increase the time you spend on the water and decrease logistics challenges. 

Teacups +PLUS

$1,200 – $4,500 USD

For the true waterfall lover Teacups +PLUS is heaven on earth. We take our annual Teacups road trip the last weeks of November for optimal flows. Kayakers can choose trips based on the calendar or which river they prefer to additionally experience.  Nov 19 to 25 begins at the Rio Maipo, now in jeopardy of being dammed. The Maipo offers a class IV-V big volume upper section, and an easier class III-IV lower section. The Nov 26 to Dec 1 trip begins at the Teacups and then travels south to the Rio Nuble also being dammed. The Nuble mountain range is simply spectacular to experience. We’ll drive as high as the flows will allow our vehicles to reach and experience the multitude of boofs on slick granite.

You may have seen the Rio Claro in any number of videos, most notable is the classic whirly bird or toilet bowl or snails back or throat of the devil alias’ of the 40 foot drop that spirals and banks to the pool below. This is a class V canyon. There are easier canyons including a class III to IV Seven Teacups, class III Five Teacups, the Between Falls, and the class IV+ section of the Twenty Two Falls. After a few days on the Claro your body will need a break and we’ll drive south to the Rio Nuble Valley for a day of class III+ river running.

Tour de Stouts, Dec 17 – Jan 3, is our biggest and best bang for your buck extended trip. Trip features the Teacups, Pucon Classics and various other rivers during our road trip leg. Kayakers get the best of a Chile road trip and exploring Pucon’s classics. 

Read more details here, including a day-by-day itinerary.

Pucon Classics

$1950 – $2,250 USD

Two daily groups: advanced creekers will enjoy the benefits of getting lots of exposure to multiple runs with various styles of drops. Development kayakers will benefit from safe sections that offer various styles of rapids for learning and developing confidence, reading rapids on the run, and sticking moves. Plus, the Description: Upper Palguin is one of the world’s greatest entry level creeks with six clean safe cascades. Who should attend? This group will spend less time camping and traveling and more time relaxing and paddling. The PKH base is such an accommodating kayaker’s destinations that it is not uncommon for guests to arrive and stay a month or longer practically begging to work for a shuttle to the river. The stability of less travel and luxury of a variety of nearby rivers means you’ll have more time to get personal coaching and still explore. Instead of focusing on just getting down a new river this program will place emphasis on your skills and progressions you desire. You will progress, explore rivers daily, and wish you had more time. Read more details here, including a day-by-day itinerary.

Road to Futa

$2,950 – $3,350 USD

Description: Every Chilean kayaker encounters a logistics problem getting from Pucón-area rivers to Patagonia’s Rio Futaleufu. The country is dissected by Gulfo de Ancud and there are no roads connecting north and south. After a brief orientation of rivers in Pucón, you’ll pack your things and caravan down the world famous Carretera Astral. The Southern Highway takes a series of ferries passing dolphins, fish markets, lakes, glaciers and fjords en route to one of earth’s gems. At the Futaleufu, beginners and intermediates can choose from a half-dozen different sections of river, working toward the challenging “Whitewater Mile.” Expert kayakers can hone their big water skills on sections like Inferno Canyon, Casa de Piedra, Terminator and Bridge to Bridge. The “Road to Futa” first demonstrates just how precious and remote the Futa Valley is. Once there you start to truly appreciate how hard it is to access food, internet, cell service, and even electricity. The people are as rugged as the mountains and the remoteness takes you back to a time when card games, guitars and glorious stories of lines made and missed fill the space around your campfire and add tothe experience. Read more details here, including a day-by-day itinerary.