Trip Name:
Teacups +PLUS Maipo or Nuble or Tour de Stouts
Skill Level:
IV to IV+
Trip Price:
$1,500 (shared occupancy) — $1,200 USD (camping) / Tour de Stouts $4,500 (shared occupancy) – $4050 (camping)
Trip Length:
7 Days or 18 Days
Trip Dates:
Teacups +Maipo, November 19 – November 25
Teacups +Nuble, November 26 – December 1
Tour de Stouts, December 17 – January 3  
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DescriptionItinerary: Nov. 19 - Nov. 25Itinerary: Nov. 26 - Dec. 1Itinerary: Dec. 17 - Jan. 3 Tour de Stouts + Video Production Course
October – November is the best time for the Nevados and Pucon’s best creeking. Discounted Trip Extensions allow you to arrive early and notch the goods.

Teacups +PLUS is a road trip just for waterfall lovers seeking adrenalin filled days exploring one of the world’s greatest whitewater anomalies. The Teacups canyon drops kayakers into a 57 million year old basalt chasm that is polished, milled and carved perfectly banking and dropping kayakers like no other destination. Explore one of the world’s most iconic river canyons. +PLUS offers an added valley of river sections just north or south of the Rio Claro Valley giving kayakers more than just one river of waterfalls to their trip. With drop after drop after drop of clean waterfalls, slots, and cascades – the Rio Claro delivers multiple sections for intermediate and advanced kayakers in a narrow basalt gorge unlike anything you have ever seen. Guests on this trip will explore the Claro by spending several days based inside Seven Teacups National Park paddling sections like the infamous Garganta del Diablo (or “Throat of the Devil”), notorious for the 180-degree two-tiered waterfall of the same name that drops you into one of the lower canyons.

A birds eye view of crew just above the 6th Teacup. Are you ready? We’ll make sure you are.

Just three hours south of Chile’s capital hides a national treasure, — the Seven Teacups National Park. Tourists, like kayakers, are attracted to the photogenic clear blue canyon and an incredible series of clean waterfalls that seems to stretch for miles. Each “salto” is perfectly formed with a round pool or “taza” at the bottom. The canyon may best be described as a desert crack in the earth, a basalt core strata wall that the nearby snowy peaks of the Andes Mountains have melted, drained, cut, milled, carved, and polished over millions of years in the annual course to sea. Some falls flow straight, some have corner boofs, others have ramps, and some sections even have drops riding along walls or flowing for over 70’ through a slot only slightly larger than the width of your kayak. 

+Rio Maipo ONLY for Nov 19 – Nov 25 

In addition to the Teacups road trip, boaters have the opportunity to paddle some of the best rivers in Chile currently being dammed by giant hydropower corporations. Trip 1 takes kayakers to explore the Rio Maipo near to Santiago. The Maipo still boasts 20+ KM of free flowing river ranging from fast paced class IV+ to V on the Upper Canyon to a more mellow class III to IV lower canyon. The arid wine district valley has towering peaks above the continuous whitewater and is a perfect start to our trip. 

+Rio Nuble ONLY for Nov 26 – Dec 1   

Trip 2 adds the Rio Nuble to it’s itinerary as our entourage of kayak vehicles travels south back to Pucon. The Nuble has 3 large dams being built above it’s clear blue playful class II to IV. We typically drive high into the Andes to explore more challenging sections of class III and IV granite boulder gardens. This is the perfect river addition to our Teacups adventure. 


Trip Price:
$1,200 (camping) – $1,500 (shared occupancy lodging)
Arrival City:
Santiago International Airport (SCL) prior to 10 AM
Departure City:
Santiago International Airport (SCL) post 7 PM


After a day on the Rio Maipo we drive high into the Andes for the best hot springs experience at Banos Colina.
Day 1 (Nov 19):

Arrival to Santiago International Airport (SCL) before 10 AM. 

Boat outfitting and welcome.

Afternoon Maipo warmup lap & skills assessment. Welcome to Chile! 

Day 2 (Nov 20):

AM – Kayak Theory. Lower and Upper Maipo run pending skill levels. 

PM – Banos Colina Hotsprings Optional 

Day 3 (Nov 21) 

AM – Pack camp and drive to the Seven Teacups National Park. 

PM – Check-in. Set camp. Hike to waterfalls. 

Day 4 (Nov 22): Waterfall Wonder of the World

AM – Seven Teacups Section

PM – Vientidos Saltos “Twenty-two Falls” Section

Day 5 (Nov 23): Waterfall Wonder of the World

AM – Garganta del Diablo (Throat of the Devil) or Twenty-two Falls Section timing pending light conditions

PM – Seven Teacups Section

Day 6 (Nov 24): Waterfall Wonder of the World

AM – Optional hike or rest.

PM – Group option Twenty-two Falls, Garganta or Teacups.

Day 7 (Nov 25):

Depart Chile. Or Trip Extension. 

Departure Flights: Scheduled for afternoon flights later than 8 PM.

AM – Morning Teacups lap time permitting and pending flight schedules.

PM – Drive to Santiago International Airport (airport code SCL)



Trip Price:
$1,200 (camping) $1,500 (shared occupancy lodging)
Arrival City:
Santiago International Airport (SCL) prior to 10 AM
Departure City:
Santiago International Airport (SCL) post 7 PM

Recommended Discounted Trip Extensions –  

  • Trip Extension, Add Teacups +Nuble to Teacups +Maipo for 15% DISCOUNT: Want more of the Rio Claro then adding the Teacups +Maipo is your trip extension.  Discount 15% both trips. 
    Trip Extension, GOTO PUCON: Stay longer and kayak Pucon. Minimum 5 days Trip Extension. $150USD/day. After the Nuble catch a ride with our staff to Pucon for more kayaking. Read Trip Extension Details. 
Day 1 (Nov 26):

Arrival to Santiago International Airport 10 AM or prior. Boat outfitting and welcome. Drive to Seven Teacups National Park.

PM – Afternoon run on Seven Teacups Section.

Day 2 (Nov 27):

Waterfall Wonder of the World

AM – Kayak Theory. Seven Teacups Section.

PM – Vientidos Saltos “Twenty-two Falls” Section

Day 3 (Nov 28):

Waterfall Wonder of the World

AM – Kayak Theory. Seven Teacups Section.

PM – Vientidos Saltos “Twenty-two Falls” Section

Day 4 (Nov 29):

AM – Kayak Theory. Garganta del Diablo “Throat of the Devil” Or River Optional Section.

PM – Drive to Rio Nuble San Fabian Base Camp.

Day 5 (Nov 30):

AM – Morning sleep in. Pack for Rio Nuble run. 

PM – Return to San Fabian base camp for final asado festival. 

Day 6 (Dec 1):

AM – Drive to Santiago and Pucon. 

Airport Departures: Santiago International Airport Post 8 PM. 
+ Pucon Group, WAHOO! The adventure continues. Drive south. 


Trip Price:
$4,500 (shared occupancy) – $4050 (camping)
Arrival City:
Temuco, Chile (ZCO) between 11 AM – 5 PM
Departure City:
Santiago, Chile (SCL) post 8 PM
En route to the Upper Palguin put-in kayakers keep the stoke going during the class V shuttle.

Tour de Stouts is practically 3 trips in 1 giving you the Pucon Classics, Teacups +PLUS, and then we still have time to kayak more rivers. To make it even better you have the option to take a daily video production course or kayak even more. This is going to be the best holiday season yet. 

This is extended trip is led with our affiliate program Patagonia Study Abroad. For the first time PKH guests can join the coaches and students on a remarkable trip exploring Chile’s best rivers. by design the program explores the Pucon Classics on the first leg of the program. The road trip leg of the course takes the kayakers north to the Rios Nuble, Maipo, and Claro. Plus, kayakers have the option to either go kayaking in the mornings or participate in a university level Video Production course. 

Just imagine spending your holiday season at the world’s best kayak destination. PKH hosts a fun Christmas party with our “Cheesy Christmas Costume” theme and Elephant Christmas gift exchange. Plus, News Years rocks too. 

What about the itinerary? 

We post the first and last days but that’s it. Why? The trip will begin with orientation in Pucon and end with our farewell fiesta at the Maipo. But part of the program is to A. Assess group skills. B. Observe the water levels. And C. Have the group participate in actually planning parts of the road trip and day to day trips. This keeps things real and the kayaking even more exciting. 

Trust us. You are going to kayak everything on both the Teacups PLUS and the Pucon Classics trips and then some more. 

Pucon Area – Our backyard runs consist of the Upper and Lower Trancura, the Upper and Lower Palguin, Coilaco, Liucura and the Nevados. Then a short drive we have the Maichin and Puesco rivers. Day trips offered are the Upper and Lower Fuy, San Pedro, and Truful Truful. More rivers than we’ll have time to do. 

Travel Leg – We can north or south. To the south we have the Gol Gol which might be good to combine with a Fuy trip. To the north we have the Laja, Nuble, Achibueno, Maipo and Claro rivers. 

Day 1 (Dec 17):

Arrival to Temuco Airport (ZCO) between 11 AM to 5 PM. Boat outfitting and welcome. Potential afternoon run pending time.

Day 18 (Jan 3): Flight Home or Trip Extension

Depart Chile. Or return to Pucón.

Santiago Departure Flights: Scheduled for afternoon flights later than 8 PM.

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It depends on your objectives. If you are nervous about jumping on the Claro after spending all fall on the couch, you may opt to start in Pucón and arrive early. You can use your time in Pucón to find your kayaking groove, get acclimated with the rivers of Chile, and build your confidence prior to tackling the Seven Teacups.

Kayakers interested in creek boating as much as possible should consider that November is prime for water levels in Pucón and spectacular local runs like the Nevados come in regularly. If your timing is flexible and you plan to spend more than a few weeks in Chile, end your trip in Pucón and extend your stay with Pucón Kayak Hostel to be sure you get all the classics checked off your list.