Trip Name:
Week of Rivers Chile for Clubs
Skill Level:
Class II, II+, III, III+, IV, IV+
Trip Length:
11 Days Round Trip from Your Home Airport, Jan 13 – 23
Arrival City:
Temuco (ZCO), Jan 14 between 11 AM to 5 PM
Departure City:
Temuco (ZCO), Jan 22 between 11 AM to 5 PM
Trip Price:
$1,950 (camping) — $2,250 (shared occupancy lodging) USD
Whitewater Club & Group DISCOUNTS!! 
# of Club MembersDISCOUNT / Member
1 - 7SAVE 5%
8 - 15SAVE 10%
16 +PLUSSAVE 15%

RESERVATIONS STEP 1 Select your trip with the BOOK NOW button. No financial obligation at this step. 

RESERVATIONS STEP 2 – PKH will followup with trip specifics and directions how to send deposit to gain your reservation space. 

RESERVATIONS STEP 3 – Send your deposit and secure your reservation. We’ll send you our Welcome to Chile Packet full of helpful travel tips, packing list and what to expect. 

Got Questions: Email Phone before October 1 US 828-788-5135; After October 1 Chile +56 9 4247 2676. 

DescriptionItinerary: Jan 13 - Jan 23 Roundtrip from Your Home AirportDiscounted Trip Extensions

Week of Rivers Chile! For Clubs. 

Disclaimer – Week of Rivers Chile is designed to benefit club boaters via offering member discounts. Although, the event is not sanctioned by any specific whitewater clubs or associations. Nor is this event associated with the Carolina Canoe Club’s annual Week of Rivers (North Carolina) event. NOC Paddlesports is affiliated with Pucon Kayak Hostel in spirit to offer the world’s best kayak instruction on the world’s best development rivers. 

Finally, an international white water kayak trip that honors whitewater clubs with promotional discounts, world class kayak instruction, and river experiences.


Video: Carolina Canoe Club, NOC and PKH’s very own Eric Mount shares what it means to travel, explore and kayak in Chile. Check out our backyard rivers through Eric’s lense. One of our favorite endorsements.

Value for Your Whitewater Club

Now whitewater clubs, schools and associations can group together for discounts and hone your kayaking skills amongst like minded boaters. You already know how great it is to bond with your kayaker friends. This is river and kayaker bonding on steroids. Imagine your group sitting around our Chilean quincho and fire sharing stories of the day with a copa de vino tinto. 

Creation of Week of Rivers Chile – Be a Part of the Story

It keeps getting better… After a big day on the river you come back to chef cooked meals, fireside stories toasted by your laughing friends.

Based after the Carolina Canoe Club’s flagship Week of Rivers program +PLUS Pucon Kayak Hostel’s vast infrastructure, NOC’s world’s best kayak instructors, and our other whitewater club groups we developed “Week of Rivers Chile” for avid whitewater club members.  Pucon Chile is known for it’s abundance of development rivers including class II beginner sections, waves and eddy lines, class III and IV river sections, and even clean waterfalls and boofs galore. 

Based on the banks of the Rio Trancura PKH offers kayakers 20 +PLUS runs within the day vicinity. As inviting as the rivers is the warm group and family ambiance of our communal architect quincho. The quincho is a Chilean communal eating area designed around the fire fugon chiefly for communal Latino style barbeques. Ours brings kayakers together like no other place. Imagine sharing stories over a copa de vino of your day’s runs. Or after your morning coffee and breakfast your short “Kayak Theory” class to get your mind racing about your river runs. 

When you are investing in a destination kayaking vacation there should be no other option than to live by the river with the best whitewater options. We are as proud of our NOC instructional team as we are of our lodging, meals and the Chilean sunsets. 


Our Bombproof Rolling Guarantee for trip guests!! 
If you are not satisfied that your kayaking skills dramatically progress and you had a remarkable adventure experience then PKH will refund 50% of your trip cost.

A Whitewater Club Members Concerns & FAQs

Few kayakers realize that Pucon offers the world’s best class II – III development rivers and features. Daily groups go out to separate rivers to align with your skills.

“I’m looking at your Chile trip in January. Seems it ranges from class II to solid IV… is everyone assured of paddling everyday or do the less skilled paddlers need to chill on days where it’s only class IV?” – Deborah Webb, Chattanooga / Carolina Canoe Club Member 

Answer: Our professional NOC kayak instructional team focus more on instructing the class II to III kayakers with each day having an instructional meeting to discuss the development plan. Think of it much like your club’s Week of Rivers where you want to align your skills with the proper river and features. Pucon is like the Western NC area in that it offers a variety of rivers ranging from class II to IV+ and beyond. Everyday there is a class II to III whitewater plan for a section of river or features where this core group of kayakers can safely progress their kayaking and experience the beauty of Chilean rivers surrounded by volcanos, Andean peaks and running trout and salmon. Members of this group have the opportunity to switch groups should they feel comfortable with their skills. 

The class III+ to IV kayakers are excited too but they are typically as smaller group than the fore-mentioned. This group of chargers go separately to a river section aligned with their skills where they too develop more aggressive kayaking skills such as boofing, piercing and catching aggressive eddies, rapid scouting and running, and even notching waterfalls. We’ve even recommended that members of this group switch to the class II – III group in order to maintain their confidence versus having a negative experience. 

The cool part is that our Team Chile NOC instructors are the best in the world at kayak instruction. Add PKH’s vast infrastructure on Chile’s world renowned rivers and you have the kayaker’s dream vacation destination. – David Hughes, Owner Pucon Kayak Hostel / Annual Volunteer CCC Week of Rivers

  • Beginner Kayakers Love to Travel Too. But what about the rivers? Pucon Chile has the best beginner whitewater on the planet. We have eddy lines, waves and ferries to be made with volcanos towering above and jumping king salmon. Each day we send a development group out to develop and progress on appropriate river sections. 
  • What if our club group gets big? Can PKH’s infrastructure and NOC’s instructors handle us?  NOC is the world leader in providing kayak instruction and they know how to keep it real with privatized instruction. Pucon Kayak Hostel has 50 +PLUS kayaks to offer. When we run out of beds kayakers can arrange to camp or choose from our other lodging offerings. And Pucon has the rivers. 
  • Will the advanced kayakers be properly challenged? Our backyard is the putin for a class III development stretch and takeout for a class IV with a couple of class Vs. Just twenty minutes away is the Upper Palguin which we compare to the Tellico at optimum flow. Shall we go on? Notching waterfalls in Chile is part of the experience. That and your new profile pic. 
  • Why choose PKH and NOC over competitors?  Why wouldn’t you want to stay with the company with the location right at the best whitewater, have the coolest dining and movie area, that attract kayakers from around the world, own the best kayaks and vehicles, and employs the our best asset – the world’s best kayak instructors? 
  • Are your kayaks and vehicles the best option for our members? PKH has Chile so dialed that we invite other kayak schools and leaders to Chile and feed them, lodge them, rent them their vehicles and equipment and teach them how to run a trip. Trust us. You don’t want to go with a shoestring company and spend part of your time on the side of the road or driving 90 minutes back and forth to the rivers. 
  • Our meals and family style eating in the architect designed quincho distinguish our trips and attract kayakers that love the warm ambiance.
    What about your food? Ahhh… We love to talk about Eva’s food in the Chilean quincho. The center piece of Pucon Kayak Hostel is a Chilean artisen architect designed quincho. Giant family style tables with a fire fugon and wood oven. Your group will roar as the warm fire and music set the ambiance. We love to play games before and after dinner. As Eva delivers freshed baked bread the Chef cooked meals arrive. It’s an exciting time of sharing stories, laughter and toasting. The meals are filling, delicious, and nutritious. We make a point to cary Chilean dishes with some favorite North American meals ad comfort foods to suit every pallete.
    • Specialty Diets – Every professional knows how to address specialty diets such as vegans and allergies. Let us know and we’ll take care of you.  
    • Like Meat – Chileans love meat. Just wait until our farewell celebration asado (Chilean BBQ). 

Early Bird Gets the Bigger DISCOUNT!! 

Signup before September 15 and get an additional 5% DISCOUNT! Email or Call 828-788-5135. 

BONUS: Want more kayaking. Ask us about a DISCOUNTED Trip Extension

Any kayaker on a regular trip shall qualify for a 40% DISCOUNT Trip Extension.  

About the Week of Rivers and Pucon

We identified the best rivers in Pucon for every kayaker skill level and packed them into a single trip. After we pick you up from the airport in Temuco, Chile (ZCO) we’ll have you washing off the jet lag during a skills assessment on your new backyard run – the Rio Trancura. Pucón Kayak Hostel (PKH) is conveniently located on the banks of the Trancura River, at the take-out for the Upper Class IV section, which also doubles as the put-in for the Lower Class II-III section.

The put in of the Upper Palguin is land bridge just below and 85′ runnable drop. Once you seal launch in your committed to the ride of your life and a must run 20 footer. Welcome to Pucon!

With the sun setting behind mighty Volcan Villarrica, you’ll settle into your lodging at Pucón Kayak Hostel and join the group for your first dinner in the quincho. Quincho is a term describing an open-air structure used for cooking and eating, and while they can be found all over Chile, the quincho at PKH is special. From the exquisite attention to architectural detail to the large family-style seating area situated around a fire pit – you’ll find yourself in the quincho with a glass of wine or a cerveza swapping river stories with old friends and new. A chef uses local produce and meat to serve a diverse range of meals – from authentic Chilean cuisine to North American favorites such as gourmet pizza.

Interested in learning to stomp your boof? We have the perfect run for you – a series of clean waterfalls in the small but breathtaking canyon of the Upper Palguin. Looking to gain confidence running rapids on-the-fly or nailing your ferry angles? You’ll spend a lot of time getting personalized instruction from our expert coaching staff on the Trancura and neighboring Liucura rivers.

This will be your schedule for the first few days of your trip – morning runs on the Trancura followed by afternoon laps on the Palguin or Liucura slalom course. You’ll also take a quick trip to the Maichin, relax in the local hot springs, and visit the town of Pucón – a beautiful little South American paradise along Lake Villarrica. Just before the group departs for a road trip to rivers further south, you’ll have the opportunity to climb Mt. Villarrica, the towering volcano that stands majestically in the background of nearly everything you do. The volcano hike is a fabulous addition to your trip, and for non-kayakers coming to Pucón, it’s the number one attraction in the area.

Rio San Pedro Highlight

The Rio San Pedro is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and it’s idea for every kayaker in your group. We may have to put beginners in ducky’s or rafts and that too is an awesome experience. The San Pedro delivers a beautiful crystal clear turquoise river full of salmon and trout and mile after mile of high volume class III fun. Paddling out of Lago Rinimapu the first thing you’ll notice is how clear and warm the water is – make sure to take a turn using the snorkel mask. Roll upside down and watch the rocks pass underneath you in awe. Arrive to camp on a soft white sandy beach and fly fish while you wait for dinner. Or simply sit back and relax with friends as the stars of the southern hemisphere light up the night.

Rio Fuy Highlight

Road trip day takes us meandering around the region’s volcanos and lakes just a short drive away to the Rio Fuy – an essential part of every kayaker’s Chilean bucket list. There are three sections, the upper, middle, and lower. The Upper Fuy is an approximately 4-kilometer section of clean waterfalls that is among the best stretches of river many have ever paddled. The Lower Fuy is a continuous and fun Class III section that is ideal for kayakers who are learning how to be competent leaders on the river and becoming more confident running long rapids. And yes, there is a beginner stretch too. So everyone is covered for fun, challenges and safe development. 

We’ll transport you back to the airport on your last day and you’ll leave reflecting on an amazing trip packed full of new adventures in a very short period of time.

Want more! Ask about our DISCOUNTED Trip Extensions. 


Arrival City:
Temuco (ZCO), Jan 14 between 11 AM to 5 PM
Departure City:
Temuco (ZCO), Jan 22 between 11 AM to 5 PM
Skill Level:

Itinerary is flexible due to both water and skill levels of group.  

This itinerary was designed specifically to accommodate whitewater club members in a fashion that allowed every skill level to be challenged and progress in a safe environment. 

Daily Kayak Groups Based on Skills Aligned with Proper Rivers

  • Class II to III kayakers daily go out to rivers where they can gain confidence progressing. Benefits of your Trancura riverside base are many.
    II to III Group – Kayakers seeking to solidify their rolls and improve their core fundamentals of boat control, ferrying, piercing eddies, edging, and balance will go out to sections known for milder currents with proper features. 
  • III+ to IV+ Group – Kayakers with solid rolls with the confidence to run III+ rapids and beyond. We are lucky that many of our more challenging class IV and IV+ rapids have sneaks and portages. Are you seeking to get your boof on, run a twenty footer, catch mid-rapid aggressive eddies… Or just run rivers similar to the Ocoee, Lower Gauley or Browns Canyon and learn how to scout and safely navigate with your new skills? 
Day 1 (Jan 13):

Flight or travel day from your home destination. Or choose Trip Extension Option.

Day 2 (Jan 14):

Arrival to Temuco Airport (ZCO) between 11 AM to 5 PM. Boat outfitting and welcome. Potential afternoon Lower Trancura run pending time.

Day 3 (Jan 15):
Just 30 minutes upstream on our very own backyard Rio Trancura: class IV boof, paddle to base, treehouse hot shower, cerveza, bacci anyone… Is this real life?

AM – Kayak Theory + Lower (II-III+) or Upper Trancura (III, IV, IV+ w/portagables) run

PM – Upper Palguin (IV) or Liucura Wave to Trancura (II, III+)

Day 4 (Jan 16):

AM – Rio Sollipulli or Tolten (II – III, Full Day) or Upper Palguin (IV)

PM – Rio Sollipulli  or Tolten (II – III, Full Day) or Upper Trancura (III, IV, IV+ w/portagables)

Day 5 (Jan 17):

AM – Pack for Maichin Full Day trip.

AM/PM – Upper Maichin (III – IV w/portagables) +  Hot Springs
Lower Maichin (II – III) + Hot Springs 

Day 6 (Jan 18):  Optional Rest Day or Pucon Activities 

AM – Kayak Theory + Lower Trancura or Upper Palguin (IV) Full Day

PM – Liucura Wave to Trancura or Upper Palguin Full Day 

Day 7 (Jan 19):

San Pedro Full Day

AM – Depart for Rio San Pedro (II – IV w/portagables. Inflatable kayak and raft options recommended for beginners.)

PM – Paddle San Pedro

Day 8 (Jan 20):

AM – Rio Tolten (II to III Group)
AM – Upper Palguin (III+ to IV Group)

PM – Afternoon in Pucon. 

Day 9 (Jan 21):
Love Road Trips: The Chicago Whitewater Association made Chile their big club trip. Come. See. Why.

AM / PM – Full Day trip to Upper and Lower Fuy 

PM – Asado Feast +PLUS Awards Celebration. 

Day 10 (Jan 22):

Temuco Airport (ZCO) Departure Flights Between 11 AM to 5 PM.

Day 11 (Jan 23):

Return to home destination. Or choose Trip Extension Option.

Arrival City:
Email to plan your trip extension.
Departure City:
Email to plan your trip extension
Skill Level:
All skill levels are invited to kayak more. Explore more. Get to know us and Chile more. 

Are you thinking you may want to see, kayak and explore more of Chile than your booked trip? We agree. Heck, most kayakers only come to Chile once and decide ahead of time they are going to make the most of their Chile time. 

But wait. You are on a budget and have more time than money. If this sounds like you then the trip extension is the plan designed to keep the adventures rolling and save your purse. 

How the Trip Extension Discounts Work. 

We’ve cut costs to the minimum by giving kayakers the option to cook their own breakfast, and kayak once per day. Note we offer Trip Extensions Discounts only to our premium trip guests. Let’s go through the process with you for best understanding.

With so much to experience in Chile most kayakers choose to stay longer and explore more.



Step 1 – Choose Trip Extension Prior to or Post Trip.

Some folks want to arrive before their trip for a kayaker warm up. Others have schedules that work best for a post trip extension. You choose. 

Step 2 – Choose How Long You Want the Discounted Trip Extension.

We have a minimum 4 day trip extension requirement. Most kayakers choose one week mas o menos a day or two. But some choose the minimum 4 days and others choose 3 weeks. 

  • Mandatory Kayaking Rest Day / Alternate Adventure Activity – Whether you choose to add your trip extension prior to or after your trip we mandate a day of rest of kayaking between trip extension and actual trip. We’ll discuss with you and other trip extenders best options of local adventures for the day. Some options include: Fire and Ice (Glacier trek + Hot Springs), Cani Summit, SUP boarding Play Blanca, fly fishing, hike and laguna swimming Rio Turbio… 

Step 3 – Email to Discuss Arranging Your Logistics.

David is a master at Chile logistics and can help direct your adventure in any direction you choose. You may be surprised by the simplicity and nomadic learning you can experience. 

Cost: $US150/day. 

Approximately 40% below normal trip costs. 

What’s Included in a Trip Extension? 

  • Lunch + Dinner
  • Kayak 
  • 1 Daily River Shuttle
  • Coach / Instructor
  • Dorm Bed (Upgrades Available)
  • Super cool community of like minded nomadic kayakers hanging out daily. 

What about Breakfast? Good question.

We’ll take guests to food shop in the local mercados and you can utilize our camp kitchen. Or order breakfast from our cafe. This way you can control your budget as you see fit. 

Typical Trip Extension Day.

The program is designed to include a half day of kayaking which leaves half of your day free for exploration. Some exploration options include going to a local beach, taking in a local hike, going to Pucon cafes for internet, arranging an additional adventure, taking in a hot spring… 

Most often our daily kayaking trip is after lunch during the heat of the day. We like to do 2 to 3 local river runs with every third or fourth day being a full day road trip to a less local river. 

Email to book your trip extension.